The First Ever Great Divide MTB Ride

The GDMBR's roots lie in both the mid 1970s rise in US bicycle touring and the creation of the Continental Divide Scenic Trail (CDNST), established (undertaken) 1978. The CDNST and notions of traveling the Divide corridor are what inspired Mike and Dan Moe of Laramie Wyoming to ride (and push) their mountain bikes along the full US stretch of the Divide in 1984. The two part story of their adventure, published in Spring and Summer 1985 editions of Bicycle Rider, "The Grand Touring Magazine" is what inspired ACA to establish a MTB-specific route 10 years later.

Below, Part 1 (East is East, Spring 1985) is extremely poor resolution (virtually unreadable) and no 'known' alternative source for it exists, as BR (and it's publisher) went belly up in 1987. Library of Congress has been no help. On the positive side, Harold Miller of PA has graciously provided us with a scanned copy of Pt. 2 from his personal collection of BR, which begins with Summer 1985 and runs through the final publication in 1987.

(pdf) East is East, Mike and Dan Moe. Bicycle Rider, Spring 1985.

(pdf) West is West, Mike and Dan Moe. Bicycle Rider, Summer 1985.

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