Alan Goldsmith at The First and Last Chance Saloon

Racer update about:

Hi, its Alan caling from The First and Last Chance Saloon at the Roosville Border. I just got through and alarm bells went off when they typed in my passport number. Apparantly, I didn't give something back when I left the last time I was here 10 years ago. But anyway I'm in now. It took about a half hour so I hope that will be taken into consideration if I am close to the record. Two good days. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. Mainly good weather but few squally showers and some hail, a bit of snow coming over Elk Pass but we made it to Elkford by 10. 12 hours after setting off just before it got dark so that was good. Just managed to get Pizza. The guy at pizzeria stayed open for an extra hour for us - big thanks to Marcus there. Today was a pretty easy - cafe tour really, called in at Sparwood, saw world's best truck, called in at Fernie, had a spot of lunch there, now we are off to Eureka and more pizza hopefully. Tomorrow we have to get a proper early start and see if we can get over the Whitefish Divide before the snow softens up to omuch. We don't want to get caught in a slurpy. Anyway, talk to you soon, by.

Note: I didn't get his Sparwood or Fernie call ins he mentions above. Also, he didn't mention who the other party was of the "we" in his message. Perhaps a look at the leaderboard will tell.


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