Felix Wong in a Real Town

Racer update about:

Hi this is Felix Wong calling on Friday, at 12:11 June 20th. I'm calling from Butte. I'm having a great day again. Last night I stayed at a hotel in Basin. Actually, this hotel was more like a rental house. It even had a dryer so I was able to wash my clothes. Had a real bed, modern western flushable toliets. So luxurious. Yes. So had a good night's sleep and came down to Butte and had a great downhill. Much easier than yesterday. I'm so glad. Now I'm actually having a pork chop sandwich here in Butte. This great. Being in a real town. I has been a delight. I'm not sure if I will get to a real town tonight, but may tomorrow I will be able do so. I heard that Kevin Hall is back home safe in Kentucky. I wanted to send him my regards. I've been thinking of him especially on the climbs and riding for both of us. I'm going to try to hang in here as long as possible to Mexico. You take care buddy. Bye.


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