Felix Wong and Kevin Hall camp out at Barnes Lake

Racer update about:

Hi this is Felix Wong. Calling on Saturday about 10:15 on June 14th. Calling in from Barnes Lake. I actually here with Kevin Hall. We are both camping behind an old church after an absolutely spectacular day of riding. We did 120 miles today and 70 miles yesterday. That is not to say that its been entirely uneventful for myself. Yesterday I was still feeling a little bit under the weather and had a bike mechanical problem, mainly a loose hub but I was able to fix that. The only other mechanical problem I have had so far is a flat tire. Otherwise, its been great riding. Spectacular scenery. Weather has been carious but good for the most part. Rain last night and this morning and really muddy conditions this AM after about mile 90 it was fantastic. Its only about 20 miles from the US Border so the next time I call in I should be in the US. You have a great day. Ok, bye.


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