Felix Wong getting his Bike repaired at the Orange Peel

Racer update about:
Hi this is Felix Wong, calling at 3:38 on Saturday, June 28th from Steamboat Springs in CO. The last two days have been pretty good. My legs have not been there but at least I’ve been riding through some spectacular scenery. Both Southern WY and then into CO which I got into yesterday. It has been nice to be back in my home state. Yesterday, I started really late. I was out of Rawlins by about 9:15. And again, my legs haven’t been strong at all. But I pushed on until about midnight. Got in about 97-98 miles. So I’m pretty happy about that. At 9PM in the Route National Forest, I heard someone yell out “I’ve been waiting for you”. It turned out that it to be a woman named Kirsten at a lodge in the Route National Forest who had been following the race on-line, had met some of the other racers already. It was great to see here. I was able to get some water from her. I camped out in the forest. This morning I woke up late again. I got started about 8:25. The Pass up the Watershed Divide had snow and mud on there. Very slow going, but I would probably had to walk anyhow just because it was really steep and my legs had not been strong at all. The road to Steamboat was absolutely gorgeous. I just wish I was feeling stronger. I’m now at the Orange Peel bike shop. They have been doing a lot of work on my bike while I have been resting and I really appreciate everything they have been doing for me. They are replacing the brake pads, both of the tires, putting on new rid tape, trying to make the shifting as smooth as possible. I have been having shifting the rear. A lot of effort has been needed to shift that. My right thumb is getting very sore. So I hope to be out of Steamboat in the next half-hour, hour. Its going to be a short mileage day today. I’m pressing on. (recorder time: 2008-06-28 16:42:31 EST)


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