Felix Wong in Ovando after 2 Tough Days

Racer update about:

Hi this is Felix Wong. I'm calling on Wednesday, June 18th at about 1:30. I'm finally in Ovando, MT. Monday and Tuesday were pretty tough for me. Monday I was starting to finally feel pretty fatigued. I think I wasn't intaking enough salt. But I solved that my consuming a can of chili beans and potato chips. Started to feel better....But Tuesday, MAN, first there were down trees everywhere. I had to dismount my bike about 100 times and at times even throw my bike over a tree, then scale the trees like it was a rock climbing wall or something. Then there was all of the snow on the Pass. It was a snowfield, very exposed. I even had to kick steps in like in mountaineering. Pretty unsafe up there. I hope that if there is anyone behind me I hope they are careful. It was pretty hairy. A very __ traverse. Anyway I hope to make it up Huckleberry Pass and get to Lincoln by tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll call back in a couple of days.


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