Jill and John are in Lincoln

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Hiii this is Jill Homer calling from Lincoln , Montana. John and I got into town about 5:00 pm, Tuesday. We just did a really short easy day today; basically a rest day, trying to gear up for a big push tomorrow so. But it went really well, feeling awesome I think im really getting into shape and feeling like I can maybe start pushing now. It’s been pretty mellow so far and im really having a lot of fun with this. The trail is gorgeous, I really had no idea how beautiful it would be out here but its been a lot of fun. So ya getting up early tomorrow, gonna do ..gonna do a real day tomorrow. So now we’re just enjoying the being in town early, getting good meals…hot tub. Maybe look at the internet to figure out what’s going on in this race. Its funny being in this race and having no idea what’s going on where anybody is, it be kinda fun to know, but it’s also kinda fun not to know. But ya ….talk to ya later bye!            


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