John crossed the border!

Racer update about:

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Hi, this is John Nobile checking in from Eureka.  First day went well, I got to Sparwood at about 10 and then I got a super early start this morning.  But it was cold and there was a lot of water on the trial on fording road - I had to walk through a couple of feet of water (I'm sure everyone reported that).  A lot of rain on and off, thunderstorms - got super super wet. My bike comp acturally stopped working (it got too wet I guess). Anyways, that was a brutal brutal day. I crossed the border at about 5 and I am just gonna take it easy tonight. I'm actually gonna ride up to the border tomorrow morning to corss agan to sort of start my border to border race from there (guess that's sort of a searate categeory. Anyway, I'll be checking in, hopefully, in the enxt day or two...

Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


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