Kurt and Chris are near Pinedale

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Hey, Kurt here! Chris and I made it to the Place Cafe, which is, I don't know, what? 25 miles above Pinedale. Today was going really well until we started getting a fierce headwind coming across that high 9,000' plateau below the Wind Rivers which was just gorgeous. But the wind kicked up, and my rear derailleur pulley, the lower pulley, has started to have some problems - seized up, and then basically stopped turning completely, and upon inspection was completely exploded inside. So my bike is now a two-speed. It's working well enough, we got five miles to here, and Dale at A to Z Hardware down in Pinedale is going to hook me up this evening with a new pulley, so hopefully I can keep going. Just got to make it 25 miles down the road, and then we'll be going a little faster again.


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