Kurt crossed the border

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Hey, it's Kurt Refsnider, calling in from Eureka. We just crossed the border - I don't know - 10 miles ago or something like that. Spent most of the day riding with Chris Plesko and Matt Thourot and, uh, some of the time with Jay and Tracy on the tandem and Joe from Minnesota. Umm, but we split up a little bit, there were a couple of sliced sidewalls today, and all around just a pretty hard and challenging section through the new part in Canada, but it was pretty nice. Saw a couple bears, and saw a couple wolves yesterday. So, it's been pretty entertaining. Um, but, feeling good, and Chris and I are heading off toward the Whitefish Divide tonight, and are gonna probably camp up there somewhere, and try to hit through that and ride Meadow Pass in the morning. So hopefully things continue to go well. Alright, later. 


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