Tracey calls in fro Del Norte

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Good morning, this is T-Race and JayP calling in from Del Norte. Made it in here last night…had a freakin’ awesome, wonderful day of riding, kickin’ some passes fer sure. And then as soon as we pulled into Del Norte, maybe 10 miles away, we got nailed with the rain, so that was not a good ending to a wonderful day but made the best of it…and uh, got a dry room and dried out our stuff, again, so that went well. Uh, we’re going into day 15 here and I am still wearing the same clothes I began the race in, um, socks, knee warmers, arm warmers, and shirt thanks to Smartwool. They are holding up fantastically…I am overwhelmed with how they are performing…they outperformed anything I would have expected, and holding up well. The kit…thanks to Fitzgerald’s Bicycles for that and for helping us with our bike…getting that on the road and to the start and we appreciate all their support. Um, life on the trail’s been pretty good. Its definitely uncomfortable at times but definitely some cool stuff to check out. Um, the back of the tandem…the farting…the farting is probably the worst to deal with (did she really say that?) and Jay has been so kind and sweet to quit eating the dairy, the ice cream…so that’s been helping out a bit and that’s a pretty big sacrifice for him. He’s a good captain, keeping the crew happy. Um, what else? The cows are pretty cool. Lots of cows. They’ve got different hairdos…its pretty funny. Check that out some time. And, um, other than that, I guess we’re just gonna motor over another pass today and head to Platoro and hopefully be into New Mexico by this afternoon. So, moving right along, we’re doing great. Alright, happy to be here, thanks everyone for your support. We’ll hopefully see you soon. Bye.


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