Tracey P from Pinedale

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Good morning Tour Divide fans, this is Tracey and JayP calling in from Pinedale Wyoming, we’re hear at A-Z hardware and we’re just fixing up our bike, getting it good to go so we can make it to Steamboat where we’re supposed to be getting a new drive train. Everything’s going pretty well, yesterday of course was pretty heinous with the snow on Togwotee and the rain on Union Pass and the thunder and the breaking of the chain…it was just one of those days, but uh, got a good night’s sleep, got a shower, and um, freshened up a bit, and we’re going to head to Atlantic City today and then probably push on through the basin and see where we get…but we’re in good spirits, we’re really excited about moving forward…things are going good…the body’s holding up…and yeah, the Love Shack is just needing a little more love, so, alright, thanks everybody…just wanted to say thanks to Jeff at Carousel Design Works, the bags are awesome. We appreciate that, to carry our gear…and yeah, everything’s going great and we’ll talk to you soon. Alright, take care.


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