Great ways to get an even better feel for the race...

This info has been posted already, but I thought I'd pop it up front.

It might just be me, but another dose of backgrounding has been a helpful supplement to the "live" reports during this seemingly quieter time for the race. We've all been through some challenges -- racers and spectators alike. (Yes, racers aren't the only ones provoked, inspired ... changed ... by a race like this.)

Last year my eye was attracted by the cluster of 8 riders who closed in on the finish well after the leaders had reached the end. Sure enough, there WAS an interesting story there, of life riding in what writer/racer Steve Wilkinson called the "peloton." Here's a link to his report on last year's TD: It has particularly good storytelling on what's coming up for many racers in the final week of their adventure crossing NM. (The Snack-Shack and the Toaster House were news to me and are big uplifts as the peloton closes in on the finish.)

Then there's the Cordillera, the Journal of the TD, which you can download now for a nominal fee (or wait for paper to be mailed):

"Ride the Divide," the movie, has been a hit -- their website says it'll be available in June (dunno if that means it's out now -- but Amazon thinks so).

Lastly, our reporter Paul Howard's own tale, "Two Wheels on My Wagon," is well worth taking in via Amazon:


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