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Blaine Nester

Race commentary

I’m so sorry to hear about Dave Blumenthal, and my thoughts are with his family and friends. He felt like a friend to me, even though I’d never met him.

I’m not sure in what form, or even if, the race commentary will continue for the rest of this race. The decision whether to continue riding – or racing – is something for each participant to make. If people choose to continue then I’ll try and help keep track of their progress.

My sincerest condolences.


Paul Howard

MTBCast: Matthew Lee calls in from Platoro

Matthew Lee calls in from Platoro. After much contemplation, he decides to keep riding for and dedicates the race to Dave Blumenthal.

MTBCast: Episode TD Day 14 GDR Day 7

MTBCast: Dave Blumenthal passes away from his injuries. Matthew Lee calls in to dedicate the race to his memory. A fire in New Mexico forces a re-route as the official route is closed. This podcast has 3 minutes of silence in memory of Dave.

The MP3 cast is here!
Though please use the RSS link or iTunes!

MTBCast: Erik Lobeck calls from Del Norte

Erik Lobeck calls in from Del Norte. He’s heard the news about Dave and is holding in Del Norte for now.

Divide Closure Between Abiquiu and Cuba, NM

A note to all Divide racers: due to fire, the GDMBR has been officially closed from Rd. 189 in Abiquiu, NM to highway 126 in Cuba, NM.  In light of this closure, the official 2010 route of Tour Divide will follow this detour:

  1. Leaving Abiquiu, continue on Route 84 to the west, towards the Abiquiu Reservoir.
  2. Turn Left onto Highway 96 West at the Reservoir
  3. Follow 96 until in intersects with Highway 112, continue on 96 (left turn).
  4. Pass through Regina and La Jara on 96.
  5. Take a left on Federal Highway 550 toward Cuba.  Rejoin GDMBR in Cuba.

All turns are visible on the ACA maps.  We strongly encourage participants to follow the official reroute and not ride the GDMBR through this section.

In Memory of Dave Blumenthal

It is with great sorrow that I convey to you that Dave Blumenthal passed away this morning in Denver after colliding with a vehicle on the GDMBR.  Dave had a remarkable passion for the outdoors and was a seasoned outdoorsman, having thru-hiked Vermont's Long Trail in 2000 and the Pacific Crest Trail with his wife in 2004.  His past adventures are documented on his blog.  Dave is survived by his wife, Lexi, and his 4-year-old daughter, Linnaea.

Dave's family would like to thank the Tour Divide community for their thoughts and support through this tragedy.  They ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in his memory to the Green Mountain Club.  Lexi asks that people share their pictures of Dave and memories here.

Letters of condolences can be sent to lexi.shear [@t]

Our thoughts are with his family.

Dave (left) with Eric Nelson -Photo by Todd Ison

Fire warning

Sorry, a busy day away from following the race, but I’ve come across some information on the race discussion forum that deserves to be shared.

There are reports of forest fires in New Mexicoon the Polvadera Mesa, south of Abiqui, that have closed around 30 miles worth of the TD route. Matthew, Blaine and Erik are not much more than a couple of days away, so there is a prospect of them – and maybe also of subsequent racers – having to deviate from the official route.

Let’s hope any detours aren’t too great, and that any impact on the racing is limited and evens itself out for all racers.

Our thoughts here continue to be with Dave Blumenthal and his family.


Paul Howard


Two Wheels on My Wagon

MTBCast: Matthew Arnold called in from Steamboat

Matthew Arnold called in from Steamboat Springs. He was at Orange Peel.

MTBCast: Marshal Bird called in from Steamboat

Marshal Bird called in from Steamboat Springs.