TD Race Updates

MTBCast: Stephen Huddle called in from Salida

Stephen Huddle called in from Salida after a lonely descent.

MTBCast: Episode TD Day 18 GDR Day 11

MTBCast: Some thoughts from David Goldberg, Stephen Huddle enjoys the hotel TV…alone, and Matthew Lee calls from Separ just a stone’s throw from the border.

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MTBCast: Matthew Lee calls in from Separ

Matthew Lee gives us a call in and update from Separ.

MTBCast: Blaine Nester called in from Beaverhead Work Center

Blaine Nester called in from the Beaverhead Work Center. He’s been dodging hail.

Marshal Bird

Pizza with Matthew in Abiquiu: Report & Pics:

[Race-fan Sue Faulkner submitted this report with a couple pics.]

I met Matthew last night having pizza at Mamacita's in Abiquiu. He is doing well physically, but very saddened by Dave's death. His grief, and concern for the family, are unmistakable. His decision to continue the race was difficult and he is still conflicted about how to handle this tragedy. He commented that risks are inherent on the GDT. Precautions are made to anticipate and minimize the risks. However, the presense of motor vehicles will always be a danger.

He is dissappointed that the detour takes Polvadero Peak off the route. Although it is a difficult climb, he considers it a rite of passage on the GDT and is sorry that newcomers will not have that experience. I was very happy to talk with him, and watched him head off at dusk for the Abiquiu Lake campground. Attached a couple of photos. Wishing him and all the racers safe travels. Please note that the Rt 96 part of the detour is narrow & winding, be cautious.

Link to Mountain Flyer pics & media...

[This just in from race reporter/photographer Eddie Clark...]

Hello, I'm covering the TDR for the "Mountain Flyer" Magazine and have posted a couple updates so far. Just wanted to share the info as I'm sure people are interested in seeing more photos and getting a TDR on-course perspective. Our link is .

Cheers, Eddie

MTBCast: Stephen Huddle called in from Frisco

Stephen Huddle called in from Frisco. He had no one to share a room with but did have the TV to himself.

MTBCast: Nicolas Senie called in from Silverthorn

Nicolas Senie called in from Silverthorn. David Tremblay was with him.

MTBCast: Cricket Butler called in from Silverthorn

Cricket Butler called in from Silverthorn after an enjoyable night ride.