Getting Out of Antelope Wells

The ugly truth about finishing the GDMBR is there's no easy way out of Antelope Wells if one elects not to pedal 75 miles back north to I-10. Some arrange to have family or friends scoop them at the border but for those riders without that luxury, a little creativity is called for. It doesn't help that it's typically a motivation-stifling 110+ degrees F. by July 1st.

There is a van shuttle service running from AW to the I-10 exit of Lordsburg twice each day. The company does not have a website. We will do our best to come up with contact info for them ASAP. Hitching a ride North is an option but consider that most travelers heading North to I-10 on NM Hwy 81 are coming from Mexico. They are typically not bilingual and considering the pervasive, militant border patrol influences in the area, it's likely no one will pick up a stinky dirt bag biker roadside.

There is a company in Tyrone (near the Gila) called Out N' Back Trails Unlimited that provides area shuttle services. Their specialty is probably not AW shuttling as they are located upwards of 2.5hrs away from the border and likely to be pricey compared to the 2x/day border-to-Lordsburg van shuttle option. If headed east on I-10 to Deming/El Paso, contact them as they may be a better bet to get a passenger directly from AW to Deming.

Gila Hike and Bike is a full-service bike shop in Silver City, NM, 120mi North of AW on the GDMBR. They have been known to shuttle folks from the border on occasion but they don't make it their business. It takes them two hours by car to get to AW. They do have their finger on the resource pulse, though, so do contact them for up-to-date answers on escaping the Chihuahuan desert. Like many NM businesses, they do not have an official website.