Route Geographics

The TD Leaderboard (Google Maps) is perhaps the best online map view of geography the GDMBR traverses. Note: When zoomed-in, the Leaderboard's GDMBR overlay (displayed in red) only loosely represents route detail as it contains only a fraction of the actual GPS waypoints (detail) in the interest of page-load speed.

Map Addenda: Updates and corrections to route maps are issued annually by ACA. It is essential to obtain these addenda as they contain changes on mileage, routing, services, etc. Read more about addenda here.

US-GDMBR Profile (courtesy, Scott Morris)

Major Climb Profiles of US-GDMBR

(courtesy, Andreas Vogel)

Eureka-Whitefish, MT

Ferndale to Richmond Peak, MT

Seeley Lake to Ovando, MT

Lincoln to Helena, MT

Helena to Basin, MT

Butte to Wise River, MT

Wise River to Polaris, MT

Moran Junction to Pinedale, WY

Indiana Pass, CO

La Manga Pass, CO

Hwy 64 to Burnt Mtn, NM