TD Rule #8 FAQs

Rule 8 reads...

Relegation: Tour Divide reserves the right to relegate a rider from the TD General Classification (GC) for confirmed rules violations.

No rider will be notified of possible relegation mid-race. It is the sole responsibility of racers to know the rules, police themselves, and in cases of course deviation, recognize their error + correct it before proceeding on route. Ideally a rider who defaults on any of rules 2 through 5 will honorably scratch from the GC. As stated in rule 7, "TD is...a do-it-yourself challenge...racers alone must police themselves".

Note: If a racer voluntarily scratches from the GC mid-race, yet continues on to finish the GDMBR, their individual tracking page will remain online/updated for informational purposes, however, they will be removed from the group (GC) tracking map.

FAQs:  If you have a question re. Rule 8 not answered below, post it using the comment form.

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Exactly what infractions

Exactly what infractions constitute relegation from the GC?

Re. What infractions?

Good question. For starters:

-Material course deviation - significant chunk of course missed or skipped. Racers must ride 99.9% of course. This leaves only a mile or so to screw up. Don't screw up if you can help it.

-Illegal support - pre-planning, private deliveries, illegal caching, private lodging, hitchhiking forward on route, allowing a friend to leap frog down route.

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