Adrian Stingaciu calls in from Helena

Racer update about:

Hi this is Adrian Stingaciu a/k/a Super Vegan. Calling in from Helena, MT on Wednesday June 18th at 5:48 pm. I just into town a few minutes ago and ate some figs and pecans and called home. Just wanted to call in and update my situation. Left from Lincoln, this morning after I picked up my food drop at about 8AM. Road over 4 passes so far, 4 because one of them, the first Continential Divide Crossing, I actually made a mistake in the directions and I ended up almost going over a different pass and I had to go down back 3-4 miles. So I ended up doing about almost 4 passes so far. Otherwise, I'm holding up OK. My biggest issue right now is saddle sores. I have some pretty raw saddle sores. Raw like raw food but not as tasty. But it is not a enough to stop me. I'm just going to keep on going. They are just going to have to take care of themselves. Good luck to everyone in the race. Sorry to hear about Andy Buchanan. Hope he gets better. Lots of love and hugs to everyone.


You are making good

You are making good progress. The best to you.

Hello from California

Hi Adrian,

Congrats on your progress! Good work.

They have the Leaderboard up and working so we can now track your progress easier.

We're all cheering for you here!


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