Race Update: Thursday, June 19th (Updated)

Update: Thursday 19th

Reuben Kline is again the race leader, having left Matt Lee in Butte with a broken fork. However, it looks like Matt has ridden though part of the night to claw some time back. Matt Lee is now about 14 hours behind his GDR pace last year, no doubt from the broken fork and 6 or so hours additional hours hiking. The snow has slowed everyone down (take a look at the attached photo that shows call in times and pace), but it looks warm enough that the remaining snow may have melted off the next set of passes in Wyoming.

Call in picture is attached.

Alex Field

** Alex just sent a second chart in Adobe.pdf format. I've replaced it on this posting as it is clearer.

Thursday 19th @ 6am.pdf27.34 KB


Better Chart

Hey race fans, I just noticed that the chart is somewhat blurry when posted. I'll try to get a clear copy and post shortly. Sherry O.

Just tuning in...

Hey there from Venezuela. Just tuning in. Sorry I can't be there, but I am encouraging the Silver City (my hometown) mountain bikers to be waiting for the winners/finishers at Antelope Wells with cold refreshments. Matt knows what I mean.

Is there anyway to add the

Is there anyway to add the satellite and terrain features to the Leaderboard? I really liked being able to view the terrain and zoom down when MTBCast was hosting it. Other than this little request, I'm loving the SPOTs and the blog -- keep it up!

Bigger map with more options

Here's a bigger map with more options to view:

Google Earth!

Now that's the link I've been looking for. On that page there's a link to a Google Earth file that lets you see the racers and the route in Google Earth. Very Cool.

Sorry, I can't. When it was

Sorry, I can't. When it was on mtbcast site it had those options. Not sure why when linked back to Tour Divide site it doesn't. I'll check with Joe tonight. I know I probably sound like an idiot with this website stuff. I just don't want to do anything that would mess up all of Kevin's hard work on the website or prevent someone from keeping up with their racers. I was afraid I had messed it up early by loading the pictures. What I relief when I found out it as a Google issue. Wish I knew more about this stuff. Bear with me and I'll see what I can do.

Sherry O.

Sat & terrain map

This works really well: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/download.php?Nu...

You can also follow by individual racer with this page

Correction - it's the link above that has the Google Earth link.

Sorry about that.


Thanks. I've been trying to make sure all of the SPOTs are working from the call ins. This will help me check quickly by racer as they call in. Your great. I think one of these was posted yesterday or the day before but I couldn't get it to update.

Sherry O.

Leaderboard updated

OK now you can see satellite and terrain features. We are working on getting that scroll bar up. Stay tuned.

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