Blue Dots on Another Map

For those of you who really miss seeing the Blue Dots, here is another link.

We are working on trying to get leaderboard working again. SPOT seems to think Google changed something on their API. They are trying to help us.

Sherry O.


Sherry ans all, This blue

Sherry ans all,

This blue dots versus above seems to be stuck in time at around about 9am, the red dots versus seems to be updating fine.

Good luck with finding the bug.



Leaderboard for TourDivide

Hi -

I work in SPOT development team and we are sure that your map broke because of last night's Google API update. Changing the version of GMap in your map itself make it work. I created a sample site below that works perfectly:

Take a look

Hari Gangadharan

Hari, Thanks again. I only

Hari, Thanks again. I only really have access to the blog so I'm not sure I can change that but I'll see if I can get someone to help me. I'm just relieved that I wasn't the one who killed it. Sherry O.

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