Felix Wong Calls in from Rawlins

Racer update about:
Hi this is Felix Wong calling at 9:38 at Thursday, June 26th from Rawlins, the armpit of WY. Yesterday, was a _____ day. Even though I started late at 8:15am, I was moving quickly and did not stop very much. I ended up riding about riding 126 miles down to ______ (South Pass or Atlantic?) City. I had a nice (?) day. Encountered two motorcyclists who were doing the Great Divide Trail north. They even encountered by Matthew Lee. ____ (can’t hear next 2 sentences). Small world out there. I ended up staying at a place owned by a Bob and Barbara. ____ woke up at ___ am to cook for me which was really nice of them. Today, on the other hand has been a difficult day for me. I started at 4:50 am just to make it to Rawlins before dark. Not a morning person that strategy kind of back fired to ___ as I was falling asleep on the bicycle. My legs just were not there at all today. I was extremely tired. I was absolutely positive that I was suffering from hyponitrenia (sp). A lot of the food I had had no salt whatsoever except for one can of Spaghetti and Meatballs. I was saving that in case I did not get to Rawlins tonight then I would have some food for tomorrow but a I was desperate for some salt. A can of Chef Boyardee apparently has 1900 mil of sodium and after eating that with of ... I didn't had to use a spoon so I had to use a16 mil. cone wrench spoon. .. (message cuts off) (recorder time:2008-06-26 22:42:45 EST) This is Felix Wong and this is continuation of my last message. I was talking about how I was eating chef Boyardee out of the can with a 16 mil wrench. After eating that about 2 hours later my legs were back and thankfully I also had something of a tail wind. The roads on the way to Rawlins before the pavement were pretty bad. They were very washboarded and ___ in places. Not too enjoyable to ride on. Once I got to pavement things were a lot better. ___ as well. My legs were back after about 10 hours of complete misery. I did get to Rawlins before dark. It is my birthday. Thanks to everyone who has left a message with a Happy Birthday. I really appreciate that. It is also my close friend from Pittsburg, PA's birthday. So I wanted to wish Karlos a happy birthday It is also Greg Leman's Birthday. So Happy Birthday Mr. Lemans. My wonderful friend Tori's birthday tomorrow , June 27th, so I wanted to wish her a happy birthday. I'm actually making a birthday cake out of a Hostess Twinki and the candle will be a Twisler Stick. Hope everyone out there is doing well and I'll talk to you soon. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-26 22:45:40 EST) NOTE: VERY POOR RECORDING. I'll UPDATE AFTER JOE POSTS ON MTBCAST.


Happy Birthday Felix!

You're almost to Colordao! Well done and happy birthday! The Colorado Brewers Festival in Old Town is this weekend. I'll raist many a pint in your honor. Did you know you can get Fat Tire in cans now? Only in CO though for now. Keep your eyes peeled for that bit of amber delight when you pull in to Steamboat Springs.

Best of luck and keep your eyes open for tasty salt licks!


Allez Felix!

Dude, your killing it and I envy your adventure.

YOur close to catching the super vegan, you can do it, stay steady, stay fast and stay smooth. Happy Birthday as well.
Keep your positive thinking up, I have a feeling you will not be abandoning this ride.

Awesome stuff!!!



Viva Range Bums

Alright! Eat'n Chef Boyardee with a conewrench! You're now a real RangeBum! Classic!
Instead of a Fat Tire, get yourself a Dale's Pale Ale (in cans). Brewed in Lyons, CO. Unbelievable beer!!! You'll want one in Steamboat! Good luck! Keep it rolling.

Felix keep going strong; you

Felix keep going strong; you are doing great and many strangers are following your progress. I wish I could be your competition but I can't since I'm stuck in this office. : (

Anyway you motivate me to ride for 3, 4, 5 or even 7 hours in one day. thank you

Mr. Anonymous

Bob and Barbara in Grant?

Bob and Barbara in Grant? They saved my bacon last year.

one year later...

Ha, I'm reading this blog post one year after I called in. A couple corrections to the transcription:

1. The 126-mile day (June 25th) was to Atlantic City, WY. That was a good day.
2. June 26th was not just my birthday and my friend Carlos', but also 3-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond's (not "Greg Leman's" :))

June 26, 2009 was my longest day of the Tour Divide up to that point (134 miles), much of which while battling hyponatremia across the barren Great Divide Basin. Memorable for sure, but glad to be spending my birthday this year in the company of friends instead. :)

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