Felix Wong Climbs his way to Basin

Racer update about:

Hi this Felix Wong calling at 9:20 now in Basin, MT. Its Thursday, June 19th. It was just an incredibly difficult day. Every day there has been a difficult climb or multiple difficult climbs. Today was the mother of all climbs. The climb better Helena and Basin was just unbelievable. It was super long, super steep, very sandy, lot of cars passing and kicking up dust. Then at the top it was a very rugged, rough, technical climb and I basically had to walk both up and down that. Yeh, man, uh. Then I got lost by a few miles. Then even on the road back down to Basin. I took a spill once. Fortunately, didn't break anything of my bike or body. I'm just glad to be Basin now. I managed to find a motel. It's not really a motel. Its a disbursed collection of units in town. I got one of those units even with a washer and dryer. I'm going to wash my clothes. I'm probably going to have a late start tomorrow. I'm just going to enjoy my shower. That's it. I'll talk to you later. Bye.


Lava Mountain Trail bites

Hi - Well done for getting over the Lava Mountain Trail and down into Basin.

That's a tough climb and the most technical of the route. I just managed to ride all of it in 2007 and descended in the dark to Basin

The climbs just keep getting bigger and higher from now so keep up the spirits.
Try and save a bit for the killer climb out of Abbique in NM
Best wishes Bruce

Well done!

Still following your progress from the Fort; Looks like that was an epic day considering where you started yesterday. We're pulling for you in CO!

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