Felix Wong has new Batteries

Racer update about:
Hi this is Felix Wong calling on Wednesday, 9:20 from my hotel room in Silver City. I’ve replaced the batteries in the SPOT tracking device. Thanks to Sherry for letting my friend know. It is tracking and it should show my position. Hopefully my blue dot will get to Antelope Wells tomorrow. Right now its still pouring buckets of water and rivers are flowing down streets. I presume when I wake up tomorrow morning that the roads are going to be wet. At least the first 20 miles are pavement. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing terrible happens tomorrow and that I have good news the next I call in. Talk to you later. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-09 22:22:43 EST)


Tori, not tracking, please tell Felix

All we got was an OK message at 07/10/2008 03:37:47 AM. It has not tracked since that.

Please tell Felix, to make the SPOT track, turn off SPOT and wait 5 seconds, next push On/Off button then hold the OK button for 5 seconds. It is working when both lights flash green together.

It is not working if the buttons flash out of sequence.

Its only 5AM there so maybe you can catch him before he hits the road.

Thanks. Sherry O.

He's Tracking Now

Thanks Tori.

Sherry O.

rain and mud!

Looking at the weather down there in SW NM, I'm guessing Felix is having a very tough time making progress on the dirt roads south of Silver City. They may be quite impassable even!

Mud and slow progress

So weird this new form of SPOT spying. It sure is fun.
The recent weather and the five day forecast do not bode well for Felix, Mary, Stephen, Jenn, Noah, and possibly Fred. I've been stuck in the mud on the GDR in southern NM, and I infer from his behavior that his bike is mud-jammed. Between SPOT-time 16:23 and 16:42 he moved about about 2500'. He just made the turn at mile 30.2 on map 6B. At both times he was 50-100' off the road. That means the road is sloppy sticky mud and he's walking off road trying to find higher ground that he can push his bike through without jamming the wheels and frame with mud.
The hopeful news is that the road can suddenly switch back to passable when it moves into a new soil type. That could be in 100' from where he is, or there could be miles of the mud stuff to go.
The forecast implies that it won't get a chance to dry out, so his best chance may be to just keep pushing his way until he gets to better soil.
When our bikes got mud-jammed down there, we just pulled over to sit and wait until the sun came out and the road dried. We stopped the first vehicle (about an hour) and asked for fresh water and food, since we hadn't planned on the delay and thought it might take a day or two. Turned out, the passing truck was already transporting two different GDR cyclists who had been a dozen miles behind us and didn't want to just sit and wait. The rancher happily gave us food and water, and all was well.
Felix may be hungry and frustrated and tired, but he's likely to see occasional vehicles and anybody passing will certainly give him food and water to keep him going.
Good luck to everybody who's still out there - they have hit a monsoon will slow things to a crawl at times.

He's moving again!

Felix, "sniff - sniff - sniff." What's that smell?

By golly, I think it's the FINISH LINE!

You're moving again - that's great.

Open that final can of whoopa$$ and knock this thing out!

I agree with Amy. It's nice to be able to spy on your progress in near "real-time."


Separ's just over the hill!

Felix, you're tearing it up, man!

You're gonna knock this thing out in no time!

Amazing what a little air in the tires will do for you, huh?


You're kicking butt!

Full speed ahead!

I'll almost be sorry to see you finish this. I'll miss the "Felix perseverence" updates.

So close...

Hang in there Felix... you are really close now!

At the beginning of this thing you were talking about huge snow drifts and now it is blazing temps or monsoon like rains... what a ride! You have come a long, long way!

Be safe, be strong and believe.... you're going to finish this thing...

ps I like the bobble head action figure idea that was posted by someone... you must add a jar of mud to the accessories however or it would not be complete.

Motivational poster ride

Felix, this is almost like a long novel that has been so good you just don't want it to end.

You're looking at the last few pages in the book, however, and know that it's about to be all over.

Your trek would make a series of great motivational posters.

There would be a pic of you in one of your hellacious episodes and a motivational statement at the bottom.

People reading it would know that since YOU made it through what YOU made it through, they can easily handle whatever problem faces THEM.

I love the "mud on the accessories" idea for the bobble-head Felix action figure.



Did you put the batteries in the SPOT or in yourself??

Hey Felix,

Been watching your blue dot just fly down the screen all day today! Did you put the new batteries in yourself for the final leg along with in the SPOT? Or maybe this is just a good advert for "power yourself with healthy food, not with coke and donuts" :). Will be checking the blue dot when I get home this evening and hope to see it stopped at Antelope Wells! And I do hope you are not mud surfing to the finish. If so, might have to find a way to hook up a snowboard for your front wheel to be more efficient! Keep it cranking!! - Michele

Energizer Bunny

...You're "tak'in a lick'in but keep on a tick'in!" Great job Felix. I see where you are just miles from the border. I's like the end to an exciting mivie! I wish I could be there to pick you up! Keep us posted! I am VERY envious! 8:15MST.

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