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Hi this is Felix Wong calling from Mimbres, NM at 11:25. I’m here a lot later than planned or expected, but quite frankly I’m happy to be here at all. There have been many times during this race when I thought that there is no way this race could have gotten any more difficult, any more traumatizing, but let me tell you the last 24 hours starting roughly half an hour after my last message have been incredibly difficult. First it started pouring like I’ve never seen before. For 15 minutes, I stood under a tree waiting it out. I still got drenched to the bone. Even though the rain petered off to reasonable levels, it rained for the rest of the day all the way until I finally called it a night. But the trail got very muddy. There were sections where I was pushing my bike. Had so much mud accumulated on my tires that the wheels would not turn. I’ve been through that before in the Tetons, I think, but this seemed to be worse since there was a much longer way to go and higher trail was wet. I was so far away from Mimbres, my next supply point. During those unrideable sections, I even resorted to picking up my bike and trying to carry it weighted down by mud on my shoes and the bike itself. There were moments when it took me 3 minutes to go 10 feet. That’s how difficult it was. I really wanted to get to Mimbres or very optimistically, Silver City, last night, where I had spare tubes waiting for me. Speaking of spare tubes, shortly after it started raining, I did get another flat. Since I was out of CO2 cartridges.

(recorder time: 2008-07-09 12:30:22 EST)

Hi this is Felix Wong calling from Mimbres. I apologize I was talking in my last message and I guess I got cut off somewhere but I’m not where I got cut off so forgive me if I repeat myself. Anyhow so I was talking about the rain, how it got really muddy. I had to either push or carry my bike over the mud. I got a flat tire. I resorted to just riding on the flat tire and injecting some air every one or two hours. Ultimately after I crashed on the downhill after one of the extremely steep and difficult climbs that took me forever to get over, after I crashed I decided to call it a night. I pulled over, slept in my tent and of course, woke up and of course my rear tire was flat. I tried resorting to ride a couple of miles, INSERT IGNORE some air strategy, but the tire wouldn’t even hold air for 10 minutes. So I spent another half an hour putting in another spare tube. Again all of my spare tubes have holes in them so I picked the one with the smallest hole. Thankfully it was able to hold air for a small period of time. This morning ran into a lot more mud. I had to spend a lot time working off mud off my tires with my hands, mud from the pedals just so I could clip in. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, 36 hours, I reached pavement again, its all down hill to Mimbres and I’m glad for that because I was really bonking. I really felt like I was going to pass out and even one of the little rollers, I could hardly make it over. Anyhow, I’m in Mimbres stopped by the first store I seen in 200 miles, eating food right now. I’ve listened to all of your messages. A dear friend has been reading them to me, leaving them on my voice mail and I really wanted to thank you all for your message and support…

(recorder time: 2008-07-09 12:35:45 EST)

Hi this is Felix Wong again. I’m sorry for the number of messages I’m leaving here. This is my 3rd one in the last 20 minutes. Its still 11:40 and I’m still in Mimbres. I just wanted to let everyone know that my SPOT tracker is flashing red. I suspect that the battery is nearly dead. My blue dot on the internet may not be working but I am Mimbres. Its 11:40 Monday (he means Tuesday) morning. I’m hanging out here and eating as much as I can. Like I mentioned in my last message. I was bonking really badly. I was down to my last bag of peanuts which doesn’t have that much carbs. I went through all of them. I can’t image that eating 2 lbs of peanuts in one day is good for the body but you have to use what you have and that is what I have. I hope to carry on to Silver City within the next half hour. I might have to stay there tonight. I was hoping to be a lot farther than that. Given my condition, it might be wise for me to stay there overnight and make the final push tomorrow. I’m hopefully going to make it Silver City tonight. Pick up my tubes I purchased from Gila Hike and Bike, fix my flat, see how I feel. I may carry on. Right now it looks like there is no way I’m going to get to Hatchita tonight. I even be in Silver City tonight. Hopefully I get there tomorrow. Bye.

(recorder time: 2008-07-09 12:43:10 EST)


30 seconds after....

No more than 30 seconds after you snap your picture on the podium at Antelope Wells you'll be planning how you can do better in next year's race.

Think I'm kidding?




Gila Proven Felix! Gila Proven!

The Gila threw you some of its best stuff and you're still here so that's good! Now you can wear the badge of "Gila Proven" proudly! Good luck!
Go Gila Proven Felix Go!

Gila area Search And Rescue aware of TD and GDR riders

I just got an e-mail from a SAR buddy in Silver City. They are aware of the riders coming through and had the heads up on Felix. People will be looking for Felix as he rides into town. I replied to my buddy that Felix must be a pitiful sight right now covered with infamous Gila adobe mud. Those of us who ride or hike the Gila have all been in similar scenarios. It doesn't have the glamor of Montana or Colorado, but the Gila is extreme country.

no mama, no papa, no uncle sam

Glad to see you made it to Mimbres! You know, you're pretty close to where we ran the Bataan Memorial Marathon back in March; I bet you were thinking "no mama, no papa, no uncle sam" back there in the wild the last couple of days. And I thought merely running a marathon carrying a 40 pound pack through the desert made you a tough guy! Probably seems like child's play now. Heck they had a misting machine. You got a monsoon. Anyway good luck the rest of the way; channel the spirit of those battling bastards of Bataan and complete your mission! Just do my anxiety a favor make sure you are all refuled and carb'd up, and your bike in tip top shape, before you leave Silver City. Less than 200 miles to go! I've got a cold beer waiting for you in the Fort.

speaking of cold beer...

There's one waiting in Antelope Wells- you've gotta want it!!


Go Felix!

Push it home! Go! We're proud of you here in the Fort!

Leaving for Badwater tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you as you finish your adventure and I start mine!


Your tenacity is amazing.

Your tenacity is amazing. Many people would have abandoned by now and those of us watching wouldn't have blamed them at all. Your so nearly there now.

I don't know what I'm going to do when you make it. I'll miss my daily dose of Felix.

I'll think about your epic journey every time I ride in the rain or get my second flat of the ride.

Sleep in the desert, Felix!

Felix, if you arrive to Silver after hours just move on. the desert out in Separ is fantastic. Sleep there would be sublime.

The 24hr Wally-world will have slime tubes and lithium batts for your SPOT. get everything you need there and head for AW! Get this baby done! Everyone comes out of the Gila-monster reeling. It's par.

Allez, Allez!

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

Felix, make sure you change those batteries before you leave Silver City so we can all share in your final leg of the journey. I've grown to know you from typing your call-ins and worry when your spot doesn't track. There was nothing I do when I noticed that it stopped tracking last night. I was so relieved when you called from Mimbres. You are almost done! It will feel so good. And Change those Batteries!

Sherry O.

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