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Hi this is Felix Wong, calling Monday June 16th at 9:30 calling from Whitefish Montanta. Let me just tell you that yesterday was an absolutely epic day. First of all there was a 25 mile climb, thankful goodness there was not any snow on that but then the 2nd climb, there was about 2 feet of snow and it was absolutely impassable by anything but human feet or maybe grizzly bears if they are dumb enough to go up there. I got there about 10PM and that is where I encountered Kevin Hall. He was in his tent by Red Meadow Lake. That was probably the highlight of the day for me and I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning and hiked the rest of that section. Rode down to Whitefish. I hope that today is a little bit of easier day, but we'll see. My legs are pretty good so I am encouraged by that. Other than that I'll probably call tomorrow or the next day. Have a good one. Bye.


Keep up the great riding!

Hey Felix,
We emailed a while back when I went out to visit CA for some work and road riding. I used your very informative website to find a great route. Not surprising to see your name on this monumental ride. Good luck to you!


Hey Felix, Looks like

Hey Felix,

Looks like you're doing great out there. We're following the blue dot and it just keeps truckin'. Couple more states and you'll be in CO. Keep pushing!

Nick, Dana & Alistair


U rock! We miss you here in the Fort; have fun and enjoy the ride!

Keep it cranking!

Hi Felix,

Been following you each day and making sure that your dot keeps on moving! Figure the bears wouldn't be interested in you since you are too much lean meat and not enough fat :). If you want to get back out in the snow and ice after all this, I am hoping for a Ouray trip this year so you can learn the -only- way to travel over ice and snow and it doesn't include a mountain bike! That really sounds awful! Keep cranking - The East Bay brigade is cheering you on!!


You are a great guy with a

You are a great guy with a great spirit about you. Just one thig missing.?! I will continue to pray about that one. I'm sure you'll continue to climb the leaderboard. Your pace is soooooooo solid.

I'm in Chicago now following you guys. Very jealous!!!!

One day I hope to complete the route-we'll see.

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