Kevin Montgomery has a Wardrobe Malfunction

Racer update about:

Kevin Montgomery calling in from Lincoln. I believe its 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon. So I don't know I guess that’s like day 5 of something. Its in the low 80s - its pretty warm. I guess I haven't called in since the Border. Day One wasn’t very interesting. Everyone probably knows about all of the snow. That sucked up about 90 minutes to 2 hours. I also had a wardrobe malfunction and ripped the heal of my sock. I ended up rubbing my Achilles tendon raw and I didn't really notice it was a problem at first since I was walking through snow but the time I got out of Whitefish my Achilles really hurt me. But I don’t know, I took enough drugs that that seemed to have gone away. Lets see. Also obviously got some new socks. So that was a short day, I only covered 110-120 miles. Then yesterday bushwhacked through a bunch of downed trees. Lots of stretches of the trail that used be bikable are now impassable. Unless someone goes up there an actually clears the scores, maybe over a hundred of blow downs. Also took 5 hours to get over Richmond Peak into Seeley Lake which was sort of unexpected. There was definitely snow along a cliff that was extremely steep. I’m sure if any hits that in the morning that could probably be pretty dangerous if not deadly. That was interesting. My feet were numb until early this morning from just my shoes being so water logged. Now I’m in Lincoln, covered some 60 miles today Trying to make it all the way to Helena tonight. Hopefully there is no more snow on the next 3 divide crossings. So I’ll potentially check in from Helena if I am not feeling lazy. Alright, bye.


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