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Kevin Montgomery Update

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Trish posted this comment to Kevin's last call in blog. I thought I'd share it in case you didn't notice the comment as I know that everyone was concerned about whether Kevin got a ride and wanted to know that he was OK. The good news is Trish wrote:

"I just talked to Kevin. He got a ride to Idaho Falls. He is going to rent a car, look for a doctor, and then head back to San Francisco."

Kevin, take care of yourself. safe travels. Sherry

Kevin Montgomery Needs a Ride in Henry's Fork (Please help if you know someone)

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Hey, this is Kevin Montgomery. I'm on a highway in Henry's Lake, ID. I tore my achilles tendon on my right leg this morning out by Lakeview. It took me four hours to hitch a ride off the plain. I'm kinda stuck out here. This is definitely the end of my race. It is very swollen. Hurts to walk, hurts to bike. Looks like I've done some pretty significant damage to my leg. Read more »

Kevin Montgomery fights Bugs on the way to Lima

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Hello, this is Kevin Montgomery calling in from Lima, MT. Getting ready to finish up the last 60 or so miles in MT tomorrow morning early. Covered about 155 miles today. It was definitely an interesting day. Woke up and it was below freezing. I camped on the bottom of Fleecer and had the climb in the morning. So a little chilly waking up out of bivy sack in that. Also my sleeping bag is only related to like 45 degrees. It was certainly not a comfortable night. I would day it got into the high 80s at one point today. Quite the range. Nothing a whole lot to mention. Read more »

Kevin Montgomery Cookin' Tonight

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Hey this is Kevin Montgomery checking in from Banff(?) I got in town about 8:45 pm. Staying at a motel tonight that has a kitchenette so I'm luckily being able to refresh myself with some actual home cooked meals as opposed to restaurant which is kinda nice. Only covered 125 miles today which I know probably doesn't seem like much but we did do four pretty significant climbs including 3 divide crossings so that was pretty nice to get that out of the way. Went through 2 thunderstorms. Read more »

Kevin Montgomery has a Wardrobe Malfunction

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Kevin Montgomery calling in from Lincoln. I believe its 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon. So I don't know I guess that’s like day 5 of something. Its in the low 80s - its pretty warm. I guess I haven't called in since the Border. Day One wasn’t very interesting. Everyone probably knows about all of the snow. That sucked up about 90 minutes to 2 hours. I also had a wardrobe malfunction and ripped the heal of my sock. Read more »

Kevin Montgomery wearing Shorts in a Hail Storm

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Hey its Kevin Montgomery. I just crossed the Border. Its 10PM on Saturday night. Pretty easy border crossing. I know people wanted to know about that. They told me that I need to wash off the mud though which I guess isn't a real big surprise. Day one was pretty interesting. Went through two hail storms, bunch of rain, a little snow, some thunder at the end of the night. I ate a bad sandwich. Didn't get really sick but decided to take it easy. Stopped at mile 70. Also got some bad ___ from some drunk Canucks on the side of road from wearing shorts in the hail storm. Read more »