Mary Collier's Rides down Fleecer

Racer update about:

Hey its Mary Collier. It Friday, June 20th about 10 after 3 in the afternoon, Day 8 for me. I am in Wise River. I had a rough morning. My legs were pretty much feeling like concrete all day. So I walked a lot of climbs. But I'm actually on a good high from the descent down from Fleecer Ridge. I had been warned that it was a pretty tough descent and to walk it, which I kinda took as a challenge. Also when I got to the top of it there were two dual forks sitting on top it and I asked them if I they mind if I hit it first. So I had to come through with that. I rode the whole downhill which was super awesome. That at least got me into Wise River on an emotional or psychological high even though my legs still feel like concrete. I'm going to push on through and at least get to Elkhorn Hot Springs tonight. So have a good one. Bye.


Has Mary dropped her SPOT?

The leaderboard shows that she still quite a ways from Wise River- so either she is not where she thinks she is or her SPOT is in a lonely place on the trail behind her!

Hello there!!!

Mary's spot unit hasn't been working today and it's been freaking some of us out. That's why this was a particularly welcome post.

Hope the hot springs feel great!

SPOT craziness

It seems she's dropped it, turned it off, or it ran out of batteries...
Glad to see this post.

AND- glad to hear Mary is still rippin' up the downhills!! Yeah!

Message to Mary

Hey we noticed that her spot was not working. We are recording a message that tells her to reset it on the call in #. Her next call in will probably be Island Park, but if she turns it off to sleep tonight and turns it back on, it will probably reset in the morning. Sherry

Mary's Spot is now working

Guess she got the message. Looks like she is riding close to Mike Dion right now so you may have to zoom out to see her SPOT.

Good Going

I've been watching everyone's progress since the start. I think its great to have some estrogen in the pack. I hated to see the few drop out but I think pneumonia would stop most people. Your "Scary Night" post had me on the edge of my seat. I think it would have been more appropriately named "Terrifying Night". Good going on your "awesome" downhill. I'm sure that was a confidence builder. Hope you get over your swelling issues. Sounds like you have a good handle on it with the ice baths. Well, good luck. I'm rooting for you!!

Hang in there,

Great Job !

Wow Mary,
You're really doing fantastic! I had no doubt that you would. I'll be watching you (from my easy chair) to the finish and sending good vibrations your way.
You're my new hero!
Ride safetly,
Steve in Phoenix


So glad you are hitting the trail and not stranded back by Butte. Take care of you're legs and enjoy.


Yeah Mary. You go girl. But we have been freakin till we heard your voice. Get the spot batteries changed out or whatever. Everyone is doing good. It's really tough and you guys are all awesome. Mary, drink more water. Boy, momma's never quit telling their kids to drink more water. HA!

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