Mary Collier Celebrates with a Beer at the Border

Racer update about:

Hey this is Mary Collier. Its Saturday, June 14th its 5 until 9PM at Border. So it officially means that I’m also starting the Great Divide Race so I can knock them both out in one try. Headin’ through the Border. Had a wonderful day today. Heading into Eureka. Things are going well. Just had a beer at the Last Chance Bar and Grill or Bar I guess. Great day. I’m going to sleep well tonight and hit those snow passes in the morning. Have a good night. Bye.


Beer is good

Awesome job Mary! You rock and keep up the great work! Have a good nights rest ok and we look forward to hearing more of your progress. Remember New Mexico is only 3 states away. Piece of cake!

Go Mary Go!

You are truely an inspiration! Climb hard!

You Go Girl!

We're so proud of you and thinking about you all the time!


Hi Mary,

We rode the Brian Head trip together a few years ago. I want to wish you a safe, exciting race. You've got HUGE BALLS! How do you ride with them? Do you keep them in a special bottle holder or something?

Hey Brendan.

Steve in Phoenix

What an animal you are!

Hey Mary,
Go Baby go! I am very proud of you and Brendan for the things you are doing. Good Luck TERROR RED!

You Rock!

I'll be watching your progress, most likely through the eyes of your other half and his blog. :) Have a great time out there. I find your strength, fight, and dedication to this event inspirational!



Mary ,OMG!!!! I am soo proud of you!! Hang in there and You can do anything you set your mind to do....I love you! Everyone at the OOL are tracking you..We all send you our love..

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