Mary Collier Covering Some Ground

Racer update about:
Hey its Mary Collier. I'm Rawlins, WY. Crazy day. Excellant Day. Today, Yesterday and the Day Before. Haven't really been in touch to much but covering some ground. I stayed in a Hostel right before Union Pass. They call it Aspen Meadows Bike Hostel or something like that. Super awesome time. Great day, that day I also remembered that I am racing so I'm trying to cover some ground and cruisin' along. Yesterday was also great. Anyhow, I'm in kinda in a hurry. Just loaded up on a bunch groceries herein in Rawlins. Stocked up my bike and get out of town. So tomorrow I will be able to make it Steamboat. Have it a good night. (recorder time: 2008-06-28 20:42:52 EST)


load 'em up & move out!

Great to see you've got your legs back. Colorado! Wow, you're past the halfway point & headin' home (sort of).

it's all downhill from there, right?


Hey there, Mary is bookin

Hey there, Mary is bookin it. We keep trackin her and it looks like her tail is on fire. Yeah. Any one making it to NM here in Southern NM the weather is cooler and some rain. Not supposed to get above 95 for the next 10 days or more. Sounds like hot but not really. Up North you watch for bears and mountain lions and down here you watch for rattlesnakes. Weird country. Oh yeah. Hang in there all you awesome bikers. Hope to see some at the finish line. Be safe. God Bless. Marie in Alamogordo, NM

keep it up!

hey it's paul tikusis, here in virginia on a fire in the great dismal swamp...sounds exciting and pleasant right! about done with my 2 week assignment here, just got done with a few very demanding and dangerous shifts, but i'm alive and havent gone tits up yet...
if i've learned anything here, it's finish up hard and strong no matter how hard things are, how many bugs are eating you alive, how hot and miserable it is, and how many trees are falling around you....i know you can finish up strong as well! good luck mary, give a shout when you get so southern new mex, i'll be back in the gila soon!

Strength, courage & determination

Hi Mary,
Mikaila, Dylan & I got to see your riding buddy, Mike ever so briefly in Salida on Thursday.
He shared some stories about your strength..hoisting your bike over trees & we read the story about you holding bear spray in one hand in the middle of the night, pushing your bike with the other ...mad courage I'd say. Your determination is are still in the race & picking up speed. You are a role model for women & girls around the globe. I hope to hear your story when you are done. I imagine the film crew will only get a sliver of the Oddysey you've been on.
We are rooting for you here in Colorado. I've been showing our kiddos on the big map in our kitchen where daddy's riding buddy is. We'll be ringing our bells to cheer you on so listen hard when you're riding through. I am sure Mike will update you & Brendan about the river crossing after Silverthorne, etc. Godspeed. I hope to meet you & Brendan at some point.

Hey Tina

Hey Tina, its Sherry. When i moved your comment over to Mary's Racer Entry, the comment for Adrian disappeared. Sorry. Glad you got to see your hubby. Sherry O.


Hi Sherry,
Thanks for all you've done with this blog. You know firsthand how much we all appreciate it. Your husband is on the home stretch...YAY!


Keep your dreams and goals in front of you...................the strength and courage you have is an inspiration to all.
Hip Hip Hurray, Leona

It gets better!

Mary, I know you're having a tough day out there on your way into Steamboat- stay tough & know you've got good things ahead; both in town & on the trail. You're kicking tail out there! Replenish yourself, get some laundry done, buy some deodorant in Steamboat! Kick up your feet a little & take a break- you've earned it!

Love you.


Your Fan Club

Mary, you have a growing fan club. All of my friends and family following Ardie also call and ask about you. Every woman mountain biker I know takes a little pride in the fact that you are out there flying our flag. You are doing great and you should be so proud of how far you've come. Can't wait to chat with you after my husband and you have made it to Antelope Wells and life is back to normal -- well, maybe not normal, because I'm thinking it may never be that way for you -- your a superstar. Sherry O.

Keep it Up


like the poster above me said, your fan club is growing. I've been telling all my riding buddies in New Mexico and Montana about your adventure and they are cheering you on. Keep it up.


Mary, You Rock!!! Myself and

Mary, You Rock!!!
Myself and all the kids at the "ool" are tracking you. We are all so proud of you! As you ride along, keep postive thoughts in your head and always follow your dreams. We love you!

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