Mary Collier Feeling Better and Back in Race Mode

Racer update about:
Mary called Brendan yesterday June 26th. He was happy to report good news: "She put in a 100+ mile day today, and was planning to staying at a campground in Boulder. She was a little bummed to see GDR racers today, but it actually helped her get in gear & remember that she's racing- so she put the hammer down a bit & she said "it felt good to go fast for a change." She said the legs are feeling better & thinks she can "race" again. She got her shock seals in Pinedale & should be performing the operation tonight. She spent the previous night at the Trail Angels' house before Union Pass with some GDMBR tourists & said they all had a good time. Later, she called from Boulder with bad phone reception- after several tries I understood that she couldn't call in to the line but that she wished she could- apparently she has some good stories to tell. She sounds a lot better than she did at Flagg Ranch. She was feelin' the hurt that day & bummed that Mike had dropped out. She was hoping to catch him & ride with him."


Come on Mary, thatta

Come on Mary, thatta know how to ride,just do it!


I've become one of those blue dot junkies...............cheering you on. Glad to hear you're feeling stronger again.
Good luck and enjoy the ride, Leona

Way to go, Champ! Hooray

Way to go, Champ! Hooray Mary! You're an inspiration to all of us. Jane

YES!! GO!!

100+ miles!!! Great to hear things are going well. Getting the shock fixed should make the ride more "enjoyable". Look forward to hearing the good stories. Don't worry about the GDR riders. You ride your own pace, which at the moment is fantastic!!

Hang in there,

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