Mary Collier Had a Great Day

Racer update about:
Hey its Mary Collier. I’m calling in from the Sawtel Resort. Its Monday, June 23 about 10 o’clock. I loaded up on a nice big pasta dinner here. Got a campsite until I realized how buggy it was then the nice guy here upgraded to a motel room for free which was pretty sweet. Beautiful day. Oh my gosh. Sentinel Valley was absolutely gorgeous. Took a few photos. Had a tail wind most of the day. It was great. I only covered 85 miles but considering I woke up not knowing if I was going to ride at all I’m happy with that. Great day overall. I’ll call back in tomorrow. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-23 22:53:44 EST.)


Keep It Up, MARY!

Sounds like you are doing well. Glad to hear it. Hang in there and keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to women everywhere! Love, your sis

Great job!

Darren and I are cheering for you Mary!

Hey, keep it up Mary. Good

Hey, keep it up Mary. Good Job. I will be at church camp this week. Cooler in the mountains. I will keep checking online. When everyone gets to New Mexico watch out for the heat. Probably 100 in the basin today. Love ya lots Mom xoxoxo


Rock on Mary. Keep it moving forward. Any pace is a winner.

Good going!!

Great to hear things are getting better. Hope the leg issues are over. Congrats on the miles today. I'm sure that was a huge boost combined with the Paste and room. : )

Hang in there,

Mary, We're all so

We're all so incredibly proud of you! You're magnificent! Go...go...girl!

We are all rooting for you

We are all rooting for you Mary! You are doing great!


I'm so happy to hear you had a great day! It's awesome that you're remembering to enjoy the adventure- taking some good pics and eating well. Hope your legs are better for you- sounds like the diet change helped. Keep up the tremendous job!!! GO MARY!!!

You are too awsome for words

Mary, What an inspiration you are. Your powder coaters are routing for you - whoo hoo!! Go Mary Go!!!


You go, go, go Girl!

Mary, I've been checking in on you every day and I'm so glad that you are back on track. It is truly an amazing and epic undertaking. You give me inspiration!
Idyllwild cheers you on!

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