Mary Collier Working through Swelling Issues

Racer update about:

Hey its Mary Collier. Today is Thursday, June 19th and its about 9 o'clock. I'm stopped in Butte, MT. Had a little set back the last few days. I'm having a lot of swelling in my legs. So I'm trying to nurse that and work through it. Took an ice bath in the hotel tonight. .... Hoping they come back to life soon. A little set back. So last three days have been short. A couple of 60 milers and a 75 miler. BUT I'm optomistic and I think I'm doing the right thing to take care of it. Hoping to catch up to some guys in the morning. Have a good night.


Good Move

You're doing the right thing. I can imagine how hard it must be to settle in for rest when others are moving on, but by taking some time now to recover you'll come back stronger & hammer out a better race.
We all love you & are pushing some serious juju your way!



I am so very proud of you and I know if anyone can do it you can. You hang in there!!!
You definately are making every women out there proud!!!!!!!
Terri Wahlberg

not just a pretty face

I have to agree- you are making every woman out there proud! Go Mary!
Glad to hear you're taking care of yourself. It's a long race, so there's no rush to hurt yourself. Stay safe & happy! Love - Carrie

Mary - Keep it up, you're

Mary -

Keep it up, you're doing awesome. Hope your legs get better soon - we're sending healing vibes your way.

Justin and Kim

way to go

I like the optimism and keep up the good thoughts! We're all pulling for you down here in the broiling desert.

hang in there!

You are doing the right thing..people have already been pulling out so stay positive like you are! You'll be out there again in no time and catching up!! Keep it up!


Amazing! I hope your ministrations worked and your legs are better. We're all watching and loving this race.

Great job, Sister!

We think about you all the time, and are so proud! Hope you feel better today, Love, Patsy and Carl

NM support

Hey Mary! I just learned of this gigantic challenge you have launched into. And you will be going right through my brother's home turf in Silver City, NM. He has offered support - anything you anticipate needing - as you pass through his area. Just call Bob at 575-534-7978 and he can hook up with you via, truck, motorcycle, ATV, horseback or even mountain bike. He has excellent R & R resources, as well, if it comes to that.

But, It looks like you're doing great, in spite of your little set-back, and you have a lot of true-believers here in Idyllwild! We'll be thinking about you on the "Bud" ride tomorrow.




It looks like I should have read the rules first! I don't want to run you afoul of the regs. which appear to prohibit outside support. So... never mind!

But, keep up the good effort!


My stomach dropped a little

My stomach dropped a little when I checked the leaderboard and didn't see any dots in between Helena and Butte, and the dots on Helena and Butte weren't you. I should have known you'd be rockin out past Butte already! Ride on!!!

Hi go girl, hope

Hi go girl, hope your legs are doing great!! sue h

Checking in from Idyllwild

Hi Mary,

Just checking in to wish you well, and let you know we are thinking about you. I appreciate the effort and undertaking of this epic race. I'll be following your progress on the web. On behalf of me and Idyllwild Cycling, keep on rolling, we support you Mary. If you like, I will put a link to your event and your blog on the web site.

Alan (Idyllwild Cycling Team)

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