Mary Collier's On the Way to Recovery heading down the Trail

Racer update about:
Good morning from Lima, MT. Its Monday, June 23rd. This is Mary Collier. I had a great nights sleep last night here in a cabin. Saw Chris Plesko off. He is hitting the road today. I am headed back out on the trail. I got here last night and was a little bit worried about my legs. They were pretty swollen after riding 75 miles. I was wondering if I hit the road prematurely from Dillon to here. But this morning I'm feeling like knots (?) . I’m feeling like things are going well. Back on the upswing and I'm going to try to cover some miles today. Thank you for everyone for all of your support and pushing me through this and tons and tons of advice from everyone on how to get over my leg issue. I think we are on the upswing, we are on the recovery. Have a great day and you'll probably hear from me tonight. (recorder time: 2008-06-23 11:11:46 EST.)



Mary, you're in the right headspace for this race. It certainly isn't easy to keep your head screwed on tight when the going gets nasty & everything hurts, but you're doing it with each challenge.
Way to go!

love you!


Mary, You're going strong.

Mary, You're going strong. Just when you think it has you beat, you outsmart it.! Hang tough. It's kinda like your first rapel off the mountain. Once you get over the top the rest is a piece of cake. All your family is rooting for you and loves you. Love you too, MOM xoxoxoxo

Way to go Mary!


Good to hear you're legs are recovering and you made it out of Dillon. We were worried about you but knew you'd pull through. Keep on truckin!

Kim and Justin

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