Matthew Lee and Reuben Kline Make it Through Richmond Peak Trail Tree Tops

Racer update about:

Good morning, its 8:30 Monday and its Tour Divide Racer Matthew Lee sitting in Seeley Lake at the Chicken Coupe eating breakfast and trying to warm up. Yesterday was another tough day on the route as 100s of fallen trees blocked the route through the Missions and the Swan. the 120 mile ride was punctuated by Merrill Pass and Richmond Peak Trail. The last mile of the dirt road was snowed in but managable hiking. Richmond Peak Trail was a different story. It was 4 miles of full on alpine traversing through 10' drifts along cornices and through tree tops. The sketch factor was high. Bear tracks were everywhere. Reuben and I reunited just before the trail section to suffer through it together. It took us 4 1/2 hours to cover 5 miles. By the time we got out of the snow we were too exhausted and cold to descend so we bivyed up high and slept in until 6 AM. I'm not sure how we could have prepared any differently. It was too tight and off camber for snow shoes. I would say if I did it over, I would bring plastic bag on my feet. All is well that ends well Chasing the US record seems remote for now but the overall route time is still in sight. I hope everyone is well out there. Alright, Bye.


Any idea where Matthew Lee is?

Hi there, just curious why Matthew Lee is no longer showing up on the leaderboard. Thanks!

Matt Lee

He just rode past my house in canyon creek, 3 rd year in a row to see him, guess he still is gong for it seems he may try to hit helena tonight.

might make it in 3 hours?????


He is, you just need to zoom

He is, you just need to zoom in to separate him from Reuben as they are riding together. At least, that's what I think;)

OTOH, it is interesting that Matthew is already scaling down his chances of breaking the GDR record. The route conditions must be tough this year. In any case, keep it up guys and good luck!!!

good god

Thought I was jealous before you guys left. Not so sure any more.

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