Matthew Lee on the Final Stretch

Racer update about:
Hey here Matthew Lee calling from Poncha Springs. Its Thursday the 26th around 3:50. I just left Salida. I'm at the gas station grabbing some snacks before climbing up Marshall Pass. Big thanks to Absolute Bikes for taking good care of me and cleaning everything up for the final stretch. I will say that I miss Reuben's companionship. I haven't heard yet what he has decided to do. Hopefully he is pressing on, maybe tomorrow morning. So anyway yeah final stretch here. Starting feeling a little tired. The rough was definetly tough this year. Looking forward to the Mexican Border. Ok, cheers.



Go Matthew Go!
I've e-mailed Gila Hike & Bike that you are on the way. Hopefully they'll be sending someone down to meet you (and whoever else finishes that needs help) at Antelope Wells. Hopefully with some cold Tecate.
Good luck!

Ride for Matthew

Just spoke to Jay at Gila. They don't have anyone to send. If someone is planning on being at the finish when Matthew, please let me know. I have something I need to get to him. Sherry O.

(June 30, 2:21PM EST)

Lee-Bird... Well done!!!

Well done!!! Reedy is proud of you and may your perserverance pay off in this year of incredible snowpack/rough conditions......Sorry to hear that you lost your riding compatriot in Reuben...sounds like he made a wise and brave decision.keep it up you're almost home.
Over and out

nice to see a m lee call in - keep it!!!!

nice work matt, sorry you had to loose yer riding buddy so quickly after getting up with him. now them coffee beans should keep your eyes open in the blazing sun.

go man go we've all been keeping an eye on that dot moving at lee speed.

see you soon

js & the clean machine

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