Matthew Lee ~ Power to the People Riding the Divide

Racer update about:

Hey there Matthew Lee here in a very loud bar in Boulder. Its the only telephone I could find. I'm getting ready to head across the first portion of the Great Basin. It is sure is nice to be riding the bike continously again without post-holing through drifts. I don't know if I will make it to Atlantic City tonight or not but that is the idea cause I kinda like to get an early start on Rawlins. So we'll see how that goes. I also wanted to Wish Great Divide Racers good luck. I think they started yesterday. I was thinking about them some today as they are probably on that difficult Day 2 section with all of the hike a bike. So I hope that is going well for them. Its a little strange not to be lining up the Great Divide racers this year. But is for a good cause. Power to the people riding the Divide. Cheers.

(recorder time: 2008-06-21 21:16:58 EST.)


Cheers from Banff

Hey Matt, nice talking to you this afternoon. You sound in great spirits and are a real inspiration for what divide racing is all about.

Enjoy it all - and then when your are done, tell me everything you know.


go Matthew

Go Matthew. I told the Silver City crew to be waiting for you guys at Antelope Wells. I won't be there unfortunately. Still in VZ until end of July.
Good luck to you and all the riders.

Hey Matt, sorry I missed you

Hey Matt, sorry I missed you rollin through my neighboorhood in Colorado, but vacation calls. Maybe I can catch some GDR racers up on Ute Pass instead. What a feat. Cheers to all of you. Dan {from the CTR}.

rueben kline

keep it going proud of you. have ride from antelope wells to lordsburg should you need. call mom if so. all the family is watching you on this incredible ride you've undertaken. to think it's your first race of sorts?wow!!!!!!!

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