MTBCast hosts Tour Divide Leaderboard

Joe Polk is now hosting our leaderboard on his site:

I can't figure out the problem with the Tour Divide site, but now you have at least 3 options to watch the SPOTs.

Sorry you have to visit more than one site for information on the Tour Divide, but hey, you probably wanted to visit anyway to hear voice recordings. The posted blogs don't tell he whole story, the voice gives it away.

Sherry O.


Fixing tour divide leaderboard


You just have to change one line, I think. I can't post the change needed here, since it's html code. Go to to see what needs to be done (changing the Google map version from 2 to 2.x).

Charles, Thanks for your

Charles, Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it. The good news is that Kevin called and left a message that he is going to get someone to send Joe Polk the access information for the site to try to fix it. I'm such a novice on this website thing. I wouldn't want take a chance of goofing something up. I'm just thankful Joe of MTBCast was able to put his leaderboard up this afternoon. He spent a lot of time on this for us and I can't thank him enough. I've been swamped with trying to work at my job and keep the blogs posted. Take care, Sherry O.

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