Reuben Kline Bids Farewell to the Tour

Racer update about:
Hi this is Reuben Kline. My choice comes today with much self introspection. It was one which I wish not to make but after actually taking the time to look at my ankle and knee, I have decided not to go on. Pretty crazy to realize that even though they had been bugging me for a while I really haven't had the time to evaulate them fully. When you are crawling into a bivy sack at 11 o'clock at night you really don't have much time to examine yourself. Now that I look at it my knee is causing the most pain. My achilles is also swollen. Yesterday, the whole leg just felt bad When combined with the fact that I am already dealing with a lot of fatigue it makes it rather difficult to believe that it is in my best interest to push it any further. It is sad to pull out. I apologize to all of you who have been so supportive of me and thank you all for following the race. I hope you all continue to follow the progress of the other riders. I have had a great experience and no regrets having started the race. It has been a great pleasure to ride with Matthew in this event. I can't imagine it is possible for someone to have more passion and knowledge about racing the divide than Matthew. e knows every turn on the route and has lot of great stories and information about the areas. This race means everything for Matthew. My regrets to Matthew for not joining him to the end. Sorry buddy and thanks for everything. I enjoyed riding with you. I had some photos I was going to post of my knee and ankle but I am not really sure on how doing that on the internet so if someone wants to make comment and tell me how to post those photos I am more than happy to put a couple of photos on the blog. Thanks everybody. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-26 11:36:11 EST)


No need to apologize

No need to apologize. We were/are all rooting for you, Matthew, and everyone else! Rest up and recover.

Uncle Ricki....

We are all so proud of apologies and no regrets you did great and accomplished something that very few people can claim.....Your the best Uncle ever. Love you.- jess

Trail behind you...

Seems to me the that what's left of the trail ahead is less important than what you've gained on the thousands of miles behind you. Not sure if that makes sense, but it works for now.
The trail will be there next year.

Great meeting you in Banff & following your progress.
Thanks for racing!



Great job Reuben. I've been really enjoying watching you and Matt make huge gains each day and wondering how the heck you were doing it. Looks like you were paying a price after all. I can only imagine what the mental and physical toll was actually like.

My suggestion for posting your photo would be to use flickr.

You could then link directly to the photo like so: test

The comment box is not allowing the use of img tags which is how you could display the image directly. Perhaps someone who own this domain can give you permissions to do so.

Awesome job!


Hey Reuben: No need to give apologies--you haven't let anyone down--instead you've inspired me to start training for endurance riding. I may never try the race but you've shown what is possible. Following your progress on the web has been a great experience. I wish you even greater success in the present and in the future.

Peace, Gyan.

Uncle Ricky

hey uncle Ricky
i checked the standings and weather to make sure everything was going well for you and thought you were doing really good, i'm sorry to hear about your knee and your swollen ankle. I wish you the best of luck in getting better, and i want you to know that no matter what happens I will always still love you.

A Great Race


I am so proud of you! No doubt you have made the right decision and you will live to ride another day. You have inspired so many. You are a true gentleman and an athlete. We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to riding with you soon. Special thanks to Mathew Lee and good luck to all the Tour Divide racers!


Sorry? Why? you are awesome

Hey why be sorry? when watching you was worth everything & then some. You continue to amaze me with your strenght and courage. I'm glad you also have the good sense to know when to say.... my body needs to stop. There's always another mountain to conquer but only one body... enjoy your accomplishments and take care yourself. Proud to me your sis.
I love you ......As Brendon would say "more than peanutbutter! and slugs!" YOU ROCK

Ride Well Done!

I can't believe you had to pull up. I know you sent a scare through Matt! I was hoping for a photo finish. That would have been way cool. You are both awesome riders.
It is best to listen to your body. I'm sure you made the correct decision. The Divide will always be there to traverse. It was great meeting you back in Banff. Praying for a speedy recovery for you. Take Care. Kevin

Rick, you certainly have

you certainly have inspired us! you have grown moment to moment as a result of your accomplishments as well as your decision to bow out. i know that your struggle has strengthened your resolve within. we are all very proud of you. i pray for your speedy recovery.

u r the man my brother!

u r the man my brother!

Keep us Posted

Hey Reuben, keep us posted on how you are doing and when you make it home. We've grown to love you and want to make sure you are alright. Sherry O.

i am so proud of you

I am so proud of you. This is the third time in 10 minutes that I have tried to send this message and I don't mind telling you I'm getting a little frustrate. I have blogged you every day and was mortified to see that none of my blogs ever were posted. Evidently I am not a computer genius. I have watched your progress every day, looked at the pictures and tried to find the locations so that I had an idea of where you were. I have held a prayer in my heart every second for your safety and hoped that you would be comforted by the beauty that surrounded you. Hunter from Americore and Jay who owns a company in Chesterfield, have watched you for me when I was not near a computer. If you have seen the news lately, you know that for the last 13 days, we have been in flood waters, 37 ft above river level. The whole town is sand bagged {10 ft high in lots of places,} and so is our little white house. I have been cooking over 1000 meals a day for inmates, the army and air force national guards, Americore, and anyone displaced by the flood.
I start alone at 6am and work until 6pm. I am tired too, but cannot even begin to understand how tired you must have been at the end of every day. I don't mind telling you that I was relieved when you waited for Matt. It took great courage to ride so far for so long all alone. I know you wanted to finish the race. It took courage to begin and even more courage to stop. You have always made the right decisions. I thank Matt for making this adventure with you and wish you could have finished together. After your blog yesterday, all of the guys here hoped you'd stop so that you could ride another race. You are a wonderment to me and as the song says "and who you have grown to be." Cupcake is an unlikely name for the brave lion of the pride. I am so proud of you,racing or not racing. Thank you for taking us all on this adventure with you.
I love you so much Mom

Reuben: I am sorry you are

Reuben: I am sorry you are in such pain. I am sure you will have some stories to tell when you get back to Southampton. I'd love to hear them.

Sorry to see it end. We'll

Sorry to see it end. We'll see you soon?

sorry is far from needed


You have traveled far and beyond on what the below average human can do.
Superman can fly, spider man can spin web and batman can stop the joker but i have never met a skinny kid with the strength of Reubenman. You have inspired many a person more than any comic book hero can do. I will never encounter kryptonite nor Lex Luther nor the joker but should i ever encounter the obstacles reubenman encounters on the divide i now know they are beatable thanks to you.

Can't wait to meet you again next year,only next who ever wants to do the race sleeps at my house in Banff... the catch is you get the spare room always a perk for a super hero.

god speed to you Reuban and a healthy recovery.

The Ski Stop


I must say that reading those blogs brought a few tears to my eyes.....I commend you for even thinking of doing a ride like that- let alone actually doing it! Congrats for a fine effort. Thora

Great Push

Reuben, I'm so glad you jumped in. I've loved watching you put up big miles. Sorry about your beat up body. Can't wait to ride wit' you back in NoJY and Strong Island.

Great work

Compelled to post by your Mom's comments....when it's all said and done can't ever second guess yourself if your Mom is proud of you....and clearly she is...

Great job!


they've said it all except your my brother who i esteem as such. good job,
love you, ray

To get out and be with

To get out and be with nature is freeing. For whatever you desire in life, I can relate to the connection to the bike, the breath of life in the expanse and the perfection in enjoying every moment, regardless of bodily limitations. I was envious to see your pursuit and I hopeful that you are well. RICE!..and get the best care! Carry on. :)

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