Reuben Kline reports More Snow along Togwotee Pass

Racer update about:

Hi this is Reuben Kline. Call in, I believe that is Saturday morning. Somewhere around 9 o'clock. I'm sitting in the Place Cafe on the back side of Union Pass. I went over Union Pass last night and which thank god it wasn't too bad. But Togwotee Pass was not the most pleasant thing in the world at all, yesterday afternoon. But last night coming over Union I was very happy to see big open roads with occasional patches of snow. Things are going well and I'm about to eat a big stack of blueberry pancakes. Bye bye.


reuben kline

rueben, get some myastatin powder for your a..s it'll help the keep you comfortable from chafing.
proud brother, ray

Hi Honey, I had an interview with the associated press today. I gave them your name and told them about the race, so don't be surprised if someone blogs you that they have seen you nationally. Your brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces are all watching, Ray
says Wally is watching too. He commented to Kim that you do what we all dream of doing.
You are truley the bravest lion in this family pack of lions. I love you Mom

go reuben

hello reuben,i have recently met your mom and brother and love them both dearly,great people, this is a great thing you are doing,everyone in this race is a winner. i have traveled almost 100% of the trail your on over the years,by car, new mexico is truly the land of enchantment,,i have some friends in quemondo,new mexico if you need a contact in that region,,,hope to meet you some day ,,,jay


jays cool you can trust him bro.
keep on keepin on,

rockin bro

you rock, wait for no one, except at the finish line. stay healthy, don't forget your prayers. we're all watchin little bro.


don't let matt catch you. it's your time! take it,,,

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