Reuben Kline Reports More Snow in WY

Racer update about:

Hi this is Reuben Kline. It is 11:50. I just got done coming over the pass into Wyoming. Once again snow covered. Quite a lot of snow up there. Anybody...well, those planning to come over behind me. Hopefully they give themselves plenty of time. It took me nearly 5 hours to get across the pass. Which I would estimate being 3 hours more than it should have. So now I am going to lie down and go to sleep. I've begged for some food and its all good.


Dude, you are rocking

Dude, you are rocking it.
Just a suggestion, take a long break, let Matt catch up and break some trail.

Hang in there!

You are doing an awesome job! Be careful out there,....but please don't get any skinnier! Wait,......Stella just said her first real word,.......I think she said "CUUUUPPPCAAAAKKE!!


Yeah man, take a break and wait for Matt. You're a social animal. Then you can sprint each other to the tops ala TdB.

yea dude you ARE rocking it

yea dude you ARE rocking it but dont take a long break and let anybody catch up now. keep setting the standard for this race and show those fools how its done.

Crushing it

Nice work cupcake. Don't let that nc pony catch you.

Keep on doin' what cha do!

Keep on keepin' on brotha! Great job!! See ya soon!

You were so born to ride!

You were so born to ride! Made of steel and guts. Great riding!

Keep It up

Ur doing great have fun and be safe.

rockin bro

reuben i am proud to call you brother. ride hard, don't look back......that's the past!


hey i hope u are having fun on this bike ride i miss u rob said hi and good luck I love u and be safe

keep it up Reuben!

the gang is pulling for you. keep up the great riding!

Go hard and smart

Keep it up Rick, like your brother said don't look back. Be smart, you still have alot of riding to do. You're doing great.

wally and i say were proud

wally and i say were proud of you PAPPY


We're feeling very proud and inspired right now and we're keeping track so we can see you fly by. Good luck!

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