Reuben Kline taking a Break in Silverthorne

Racer update about:
Hi this is Reuben Kline. Its about 5:30. I think the 23rd. I don’t know what the date is. This morning Matt and I put in about hundred miles to get to Silverthorne. That is where I am now. During which time I asked Matt a couple times to go on without me. In great sportsmanship and friendship, he didn’t want to do that. He wanted me to come with him still. I feel like I need to take some time. Stop and collect what I am doing here in Silverthorne. My knee is pretty swollen and my Achilles in the same leg. Its not helping with my overall fatigue value. Anyway, I’m going to hang out in Silverthorne and try to get some rest this evening and see how things go. See what I think about tomorrow. Not feeling very hot at the moment. Thank you all for support. I will call back again. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-0)6-25 18:28:20 EST)


Reuben, we are all watching!

The family is checking on you every day. I hope your leg holds out. I believe the worst is over, soon headed for long stretches of desert. You're getting close, keep up the good work!


thanks for your words of encouragement to my brother, you are a true friend to ruby and it's appreciated.
best regards to your family!


i hope this is temporary, i want so much to see you finish this great test of strength and courage. know your in all our prayers. love ray

You are an inspiration


I was especially inspired by your comments yesterday about waiting for Matthew Lee and riding with someone rather than against someone. You are a great role model...I read the post to my five & eight year old. We will put out good thoughts this evening for healing your knee & achilles. We wish you the best whatever you decide!


Hang tough

Boy howdy! You're doing great! Rest up!
Iron Man!

You're a machine!

Reuben, you've proven to be an awesome machine.

What you have done is incredibly impressive.

We're in awe of you out here in the land of the "bluedotjunkie."

Hey Fast Rick. We're

Hey Fast Rick. We're pulling for you bro! Your pursuit is a constant source of inspiration, and fuel for our daily chatter. Flatland USA salutes you and we're sending large anti-inflammatory vibes your way. Rest easy!

Dave and Will

Yo Reuben Jason at the

Yo Reuben Jason at the SkiStop in Banff. We are all rooting for you. You are definably crazy but we are all behind you. Take the rest you need and keep the rubber side down.

Again from the gang at the shop in Banff you g=keep on keepen' on


Pure class

Reuben Kline, we are all pulling for you down here in florida. You are one classy dude. Take your time. This is the hardest race ever, and you have already transcended. Jjwoot.

You can do it! It's only a few more days.

Find comfort in the pain.

Nice Job

Reuben get some rest I'm sure you will feel better after some sleep. Keep up the good work I know you can make all the way.

Stop complaining, and get on with it.

Is it worse than building houses in 100 degree heat and humidity? Come on and get that one legged pedaling back on.

Keep it up, Ruben! You can do it!!

Hey there Ruben! You are doing great! I know that the last couple of days were hard, but i think that the earlier post was are going to have a nice ride from here on out, i can feel it!
Don't lose faith! You will feel sooooo good when you finish!
It was great to meet you here...and we are all pulling for you!
big love to you!

Hey Reuben, Take the rest

Hey Reuben, Take the rest you deserve and need. It's part of the whole picture. Think positive and visualize no pain. I'm sending healing vibes so when you get them you'll be fine. It's all okay. 0x0 Jane

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