Reuben is now in the USA

Racer update about:

Hey it is Reuben Kline. I'm calling in from the Border. Went through customs - they let us go pretty easy, everything was smooth. Stopped at the Bar and got a pizza. We are going to roll out about 2pm, I think and start our US leg of the journey. Me and Matt Lee are still riding together pretty much. So anyway, later.

Note: Barking Dog noises in background.


You rock

Hey Reuben, Looks like you're doing great already! Wishing you good weather and warm wishes. I'll be watching your progress. 0x0 Jane

Reuben! - you are the man.

Reuben! - you are the man. You are lucky I was pushing you on S-D-S to get you ready for this. Or maybe that was my bike I was pushing. Have fun and keep it real - I'll keep tabs on you from BC Bike Race next week!

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