Steve McGuire has to further postpone TD

Racer update about:

I just got an update from Lynne.

After much thought, Steve has decided that the Tour is not in the cards for this year. His family and town need him more right now. We applaud his priorities. Steve's home was lost in the flood and he needs to be with his wife and family to help them through these times.

As you may know, Steve was riding in honor of Lynne's daughter, Jenna, to help raise research funds for a Foundation (Kidneeds) that Steve and Lynn to try and find a treatment for Jenna's rare kidney disease. Jenna is on dialysis. Steve wanted to telll Matthew Lee that he is very grateful that Matthew is now riding on Steve's behalf, and said to tell him to go strong. Lynn has already gotten notes saying what a great thing it was for Matthew to do for Steve.

Steve is being interviewed on CNN today about the irony of how Steve has saved three people from the Iowa River and now it has destroyed his house and the art building where he works. If Lynn can get a clip, we'll post it. Steve said to tell Matthew GodSpeed. Lynn, Steve and his family will all be watching, cheering and praying for Matthew and the other racers the whole trip now.

*** Maybe 2009 ~


Steve McGuire


I'm gutted for you, for your home, and your Divide return. Always hard to turn away at the last minute from things that you've put so much energy into and geared your mind for.

I hope you can settle into normal life again soon. All the best for the future.


Steve McGuire's bicycle


Just want to drop and a line and wish you and your family best wishes during this challenging period.
We have never formally met but your bicycle is in my shop in Banff waiting your arrival. I understand you are now forced to pull from the race. That said you have many more important things than worrying about your bicycle and its state. So please when ever you are ready to deal with it pls let me know, that said there is no rush what so ever. Pls get the important things sorted and we will be in touch.

Again best wishes to your family and yourself.

Jason Kucey
The Ski Stop
Banff, Alberta

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