Woo Hoo Greetings from Mary Collier in Lima

Racer update about:

Woo Hoo, Hey everyone its Mary Collier. I am in Lima, MT. Its Sunday, June 22nd abtou 3:30. I have hit the road again and I'm back at. Have a good one.

(You should listen this message too on www.mtbcast.com - she has a great Woo Hooo!)

(recorder time: 2008-06-22 16:34:07 EST)


Glad to see Mary back in it again.

And our friend Stephen's right behind :)

is it possible to hear the call ins as they come in? Or do you mean just listen when the podcast comes out tonight?


Call Ins

Sorry, due to the program that they call ins come through, they can only be heard when broadcasted as part of the daily report by Joe Polk. Joe runs them through a program that takes out background noise, increases the sound, fixes the glitches. The ones I get I have to listen to about 10 times to get the entire message and then sometimes I have to guess a little. Payphones aren't known from their quality. Thanks for watching.


Good to see that your back on the trail and glad your on your way.

Hang in there,

Mary, WOW, we are all

Mary, WOW, we are all watching your progress here in Texas. I am so proud. I'll keep you in my prayers. Love ya, Aunt Edna

How are your legs

Mary, I'm a friend of Reuben's and have been following your race with interest.
Been concerned about the swelling in your legs...want to throw out a suggestion for the swellling. Next town you pull into , should they have a heath food store, look for Arnica in the homeopathic section (the best first aid remedy for swelling, strain, sprain due to physical exertion.) Better yet, if you pull into a big enough town, you might be able to locate a homeopathic practitioner who can administe a higher potency (1M)

At the health food store, the highest potency you will find is a 30c or maybe 200c (better than nothing) put a few pellets in your water bottle and sip every couple of hours. This should really help the swelling.
Wishing you good health!

Glad to see you back on the trail

You have been such an inspiration...as have all of the riders. But, at a time when many people would have traded in their bike shoes for crocs, you kept on going. Amazing! Keep up the good work.

strategy & plans

Hey Mary,
Keep doing the right thing, with rest & all the advise from the previous posters. (I'm curious about the Arnica, been hearing about it a lot)
You're inspiring so many people, me too. I'm so proud & excited that I've been crying at all times of day, sometimes with just a thought or a feeling of what it must be like for you.
You have a very rare understanding of greatness: only through great risk can you achieve great success.


You're Superwoman

Hey Mary, hang in there. In no time you'll be enjoying that great beer in Mexico! I admire your courage, bravery, and strength. Hope you're feeling better and stronger soon. Love from Idyllwild.

sending good juju!!!

We have a whole little fan club going for you here in Vail. Cooked out a few times this weekend & ended up with about 10 people around the computer looking for an update on your progress. All these boys are so impressed with you & have also thrown out quite a few "hottie" comments your way. You'll have to send me some autographed posters. :)
Glad to see you're playing this game so smart- taking care of your body so that it can carry you all the way to NM.
Keep up the grreat work! See you soon!

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