Chris calls in from Salida

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Hey Tour Dividers, this is Chris Plesko.  I am in Salida -- amazingly enough.  I left Kremmling this morning at, I don't know, 7:30 or so.  Got some good sleep last night, some extra food, and felt a lot better.  Busted it to Breckenridge in a push.  Got a pizza, got a little pizza to go and headed straight up for Salida.  Ran into Tracey and Jay to wish Jay a happy birthday.  And other than getting hammered on Boreas Pass by a storm, it was a pretty good day weather wise.  The winds were generally favorable and the head winds weren't too terrible and I made it to Salida in a decent hour.  So, gonna get some more sleep tonight, gonna get the bike freshed up for the final push in the morning and I'll be headed south.  Looking forward to getting these last thousand miles, or a little less, out of the way.  I hope everyone else out there is having a really good time and this section of the course is really beautiful so hopefully they'll enjoy it.  It's nice to be in my home state.  Alright, next stop is probably Del Norte.  Bye.


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