Eric B. in and out of Silver City

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(Call came in around 11 a.m. Friday, July 3)

Hey, Eric Bruntjen calling in from Silver City.
A couple of real quick technical things. First of all, I know my brother’s following the race on the blog, so I want to wish him a happy birthday and I hope he gets better. You shouldn’t be riding those Jet Skis, Warner, you should be doing something safe like riding the Tour Divide with your little brother.
The other thing is, it occurred to me riding in the desert the other night that I hope I didn’t break the rules in Kremmling by accepting a ride in a car, borrowing that guy’s car. I talked to some other racers, they said no, that was OK because I was off-route. Kremmling’s a couple miles off-route, and my bag was in the kind of dirt below the chipper plant there. But that’s on the other side of the river from where the route takes off, so ... I think I’m good. But if anyone out there wants to check the Web site, read the rules and put my heart at ease, that’d be great.
Other than that, I limped into Silver City with a busted front wheel. Just about everything bad that can happen to a tire and a wheel happened at the Wal-Mart in Grants. But I’ve got some tape on it and I’m limping to the bike shop to get a new wheel right now.
Spent the night last night up in the mountains with a Tour Divide fan named Kevin who drove from Tucson to come see the racers. And there were three other racers that I’ve been chasing since pretty much since Montana and Wyoming, were in that campground with Kevin. Pulled in there real late last night, came off the ridge chased by a lightning storm. Pretty wild ride down into the dark canyon. But everything turned out OK. Anyways, this thing’s not over until it’s over, but I got about 125 miles to go, I’m hoping to do it today, and finishing up.
I think I’m good on everything. I’m not eating as much, but that’s a good thing, and my next call will be from Antelope Wells. Bye.


My 'phew!!!

Wow!! what a ride you are having. I'm glued to the web site and love all your call-ins. Your Mom and I are hooked. Keep up the good strong biking. Can't wait to read your book that you had better write. I am so proud of you. Tersh and Pam are also following every pedal stroke. Cheers and Strength.
Love and more love.
Your couch potato Auntie Mary

Hello to Eric from Ellensburg

Eric - We've been following your epic from Ellensburg and wish you the best for the final push. The commitment and all-out over the top efforts by all TD riders is truly inspiring. (Hats off to the crew who built and maintain the web sites which allow us the privilege of following the TD.)

All the best!

-Chris Timmons, Ellensburg WA

Go Eric Go!!!

Your fan club in Virginia has been absolutely glued to the computer over the last three weeks. I hope it's not considered inappropriate to be wildly cheering all these little green "Eric B" spots on our screen, because that's exactly what we're doing here in Richmond!

What a ride you're having!! We're completely awestruck and so unbelievably proud.


I have no audio for this post. Can who ever is transcribing email it to me?
-Joe Polk

Awesome - Just Plain Awesome

Gretchen and I have been following from the Twin Cities. Only 13 miles to go. Truly inspirational.


Little brother - Big hero

To my little brother,
I have been following you almost to the point of obsession (just ask Lisa) ever since the 12th of June. You have been a consistent source of inspiration, humor, worry and pride. Your stories have made me laugh (ruffled grouse) and tear up (I should say cry but something about being your big brother prevents me from doing so). I cant wait to hear more stories and see the pictures. As far as doing something like the Tour Divide Race, I don't think it is in my cards. You are a bigger man than I. However, if anyone could talk me into riding a bicycle two thousand seven hundred and forty-five miles OFF-ROAD from Canada to the Mexican border, it is you, and I would be honored to be by your side.

You're loving brother,

Warner Bruntjen

P.S. there is nothing wrong with Jet Skis.

Eric B, Looks like you really

Eric B,

Looks like you really put on the 'srpint' last few days, I guess signing that leader board in a bar in the middle of no where worked for you. Looks like you picked off a few that had been in front for days & days. Just saw your dot hit the border!!



It looks like I'm going to have a lot of company at Tour Divide Anonymous meetings. What are we all going to do when we can't check on those push pin dots moving across the Continental divide. What fun we've had watching your progress.... and you have done all the work. An incredible undertaking and accomplishment. You had to have heard us all cheering from our many different living rooms when you made it to the border. Get home safely. I know you can't wait to see Mell and Win and Ona. I bet they'll want a bike ride!!!
Love and Congratulations,
The Colorado Relatives

Eric Bruntjen

Terrific! Good Job!
Your check is on the way for the mobile wheel chair charity.
Uncle Fred and Nancy in Minneapolis

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