Eric B. checks in (and out!) at Antelope Wells

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(Call came in 11:30 a.m. Saturday, July 4)

Hi. Eric Bruntjen, Tour Divide rider, calling from Deming, New Mexico. All done with the race. Finished up last night on the 3rd, at 10 o’clock exactly. I think it was 10 o’clock and 18 seconds when I pulled into Antelope Wells.

Big day, about 175 miles, I think one of the other riders was saying, so I feel pretty good about that. Mother Nature gave us one last tweak and put some rain on my head — and a pretty stiff headwind, too. But when the sun went down, the moon came up, the rain stopped, the headwind calmed down, and I just let my legs go one last time.

So, good race, boy, thank you to my wife Melanee and my mother-in-law Fran ... and my mom for watching the kids, for letting me go crazy on this ... my buddy Frank for being remote support ... Stephen Gleasner, wow, man, everything you said was right. Who knew that safety and security smelled like a moldy, wet, muddy bivvy sack, but you were right about everything. We’re going to commission a piece of art from you, I think -- one of those plywood landscapes. Those are awesome. I’m going to commission one from you, inspired by the Tour Divide. So I’ll get in touch with you about that.

I think last night there were eight finishers. There were a lot of people there at Antelope Wells, a lot of family, and Kevin from Tucson was there, and all the racers that were coming in that day. So it was a special night at Antelope Wells, for sure. It’s an amazing race.

And there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s to thank all my sponsors. Holy cow. You know, I talked to some other racers who were raising money, but listen, nobody’s family and nobody’s hometown stepped up like mine. So, thanks to everyone for sponsoring me, and I think that we definitely raised enough money to get Evan a new all-terrain wheelchair. So congratulations to you. And someone call Denise, tell her to start looking for a chair, because we made it.

So I think I’ll be back in Yakima in a couple of days. Taking off tomorrow from El Paso. Thanks to Matthew Lee for putting on such a terrific race. It’s really an amazing adventure. So ... I’m out. Bye.


GREAT JOB!!! We all new you


We all new you could do it!! Looking forward to hear some great stories.

See you soon,



From Eric's June 23rd update, after the ankle injury nearly forced him out of the race:

"...but I’m back on the road. I’m feeling great. I can’t walk, but I sure can ride."

Truer words have never been spoken! Congrats Eric on an inspiring ride!


The VACarlsons


Eric...Great job!! Be sure and check the many comments on your blog from Silver City. WOW. We are all so happy for you and PROUD of you. As Isabel Powers would say, "you are SO SO awesome". What tenaciousness!!!

Eric, Congratulations on your


Congratulations on your race results. I met you on the road near Atlantic City,WY, by the Carissa Mine, and stopped to chat and take your picture. I don't see any place to post it here, but it's quite a good one. If you want to send me your email address I'll send it to you. I'll also be posting it on my blog in a few days at -
I'm already in Portland, but the blog is behind the actual journey.
What an effort! Diana Barrett

Oh Yeah

Eric, This Jim Tucker on kathys machine.

Hey buddy, you are too much. I am so proud of you. You certainly have got what it takes. Kathy and I were out on the Columbia fishing yesterday and we called Kathys Mom (77 years old) and had here get on line so we could get an update on your progress. It took awhile but I was able to talk her through it and we got our update.

I hope to see you soon at work. Believe it or not everything at work stated working while you were gone, as far as IT goes. I'll get the money to Evans bank Monday.

See you soon.


What can I say your the Man

What can I say your the Man Like Jim said we had Mom look up things on the web just couldn't handle not knowing. After Mom told use where you were I told Jim you would make it in before we got home I was Right (Again) LOL. We are really proud of you and all we want to know is when is the next race we had a blast watching.

Open Letter to All Tour Divide Racers from Butte, MT

Glad to see you made the journey well. Quite a time in Montana with the weather but you prevailed. Enjoyed your short visit at the Outdoorsman in Butte, and we all have been following everyone's progress since you passed through. Amazing accomplishment, and one few on Earth will ever have the opportunity to experience. The Tour de France does not compare with what all of the racers endured along the way on the TDR. Bears, snakes, mosquitos, hail, wind, pelting rain, lightning, that ever present mud, and everything else that could bite you or stick you are not found along the TdF route. Plus you go totally without support, big fancy buses, chefs, mechanics, or masseuses.

Again, congratulations and you have our respect for being what we consider an elite cyclist!

If ever our way in the future. Stop by to visit! Safe journey home.

Cheers- The staff at the Outdoorsman in Butte, MT

Rob Leipheimer, JoAnne Nordhagen, and Rick Smith

Congrats Eric

Eric, I wanted to congratulate you on a great ride and the great cause you were supporting. As someone who has followed this race for years and being born and raised in Yakima, I couldn't have been happier to see you do so well and to represent Yakima so well. I have enjoyed following you from the start and will have to find something to replace the time I spent looking for your blue dot on the map each day. Congrats again

Awesome Eric

We have all been living vicariously through you the entire race and couldn't be prouder. Awesome accomplishment, Eric. We are looking forward to a few good stories. ---bb---

Congrats! I think it's so rad

Congrats! I think it's so rad that you were able to raise enough money for an all terrain wheelchair for that solider. What a great community, family, and friends you have!

-Vanessa (Deanna's sister)


Wow. Not sure what else to say. Great Ride.

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