Jamie Thomson is reunited with his Spot. He’s in Lincoln.

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Hello this is Jamie Thomson . uhh I know the rider just gave me this spot I guess he had picked it up so im going to reactivate it tonight and try it tomorrow too. As far as the ride’s going everything’s going really well we’re in Lincoln, im in Lincoln right now .uhh  it feeling good. Body’s really starting to respond to these long days. Thanks so much! Bye                


Yipee Ai Ooh!!! Doesn't

Yipee Ai Ooh!!! Doesn't matter how fast you go --- Just be sure you show UP !!!

Ride smart, Sweets.

All Love--
Aunt Candy

We are with you all the way!!

We are with you all the way!! Sending good warm vibes, anneelainemiapaigetula

We're with you so far. On

We're with you so far. On the map on the wall it looks like it is qll downhill. Pretty easy, Huh? Mom says you are with the only group in the United States without an ounce of body fat. What are you eating, (especially at night) that you have really enjoyed after a 100+ mile day? Mom sends hugs and kisses except she does wonder what you smell like! See you in N.M. We'll follow you and will try to figure out how to intesect you somehow before the finish. Love, Dad.

Go Cousin Jamie

Just received an email from your Dad telling us about the ride. This is so cool. Congratulations! I'll be keeping tabs on your progress.

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